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    Slash Signature LP Epi - which color is your favorite and why?

    I saw an excellent deal on a 2021 Slash Epiphone LP and decided to get it. While waiting for the guitar to arrive and thinking about 5 available colors, I was curious about: 1) Why these specific colors are released? What is the significance of each? I know that Slash has a huge collection, so...
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    Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard - new JB signature guitar?

    I came across this info for Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard, which looks like it will be soon released. I can't find any mention of this guitar on JB's site. I know that he acquired a Lazarus 1959 LP and if this comes through is will be Joe's first 1959 signature. Info...
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    Signed Tony Iommi guitar - how much of added value?

    I was offered a Tony Iommi Signature SG guitar (the one with the cross inlays on the fretboard). In addition this guitar's signed and inscribed to some guy by Tony Iommi in silver marker on the front of the body. How much of a premium does that signature add compared to the same guitar without...
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    Gibson Flying V - Wolf Hoffmann from Accept - looking for details

    hi all, Big fan of Wolf Hoffmann here, to me he's one of the best guitar players. In case you don't know Wolf is a founding member of German heavy metal band Accept (in 1976): He's been playing various Flying V guitars through the years, he started...
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    Spark Pearl by Positive Grid - new version or just aesthetics

    I already own a Spark amp, which has been a fun piece of equipment. Today I've got email from Digital Grid advertising new limited edition of Spark - Pearl...
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    Epiphones are defective according to my recent buyer

    I recently sold a high end Epiphone Les Paul and upon receiving the guitar buyer wrote to me how impressed he was with the guitar, the way it was set up, how it played, that it was constructed better than his Gibson and that he would keep the guitar forever. Sounded like a happy buyer, right...
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    Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy 2020

    New for 2020 Epiphone Prophecy models - anyone has one? There are several versions - Les Paul, Flying V, SG, Explorer. These guitars have tons of upgrades: Fishman Fluence pickups, matte finish, custom style headstock with large diamond, etc. Supposedly these are great for metal. Les Paul...
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    Looking for replacement top hat volume knob

    My new Les Paul just arrived. The guitar mostly survived shipping - my worry was about the neck, the only damage is to the volume knob - it looks like it hit the case while in transit and tope section broke off. I called the store where I bought the guitar and they don't have this type of...
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    Epiphone Custom Black 1989 MIK Korea

    I was offered this Epiphone Custom, supposedly made in Korea in 1989. The only year when Korean guitars were made with open book head stock. It's a 30+ year guitar with wear marks, scratches and some loss of gold plating. Plays really well unplugged with low action, no string buzz and no sharp...

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