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    I'm Ignorant. Is this considered an R0?

    Sorry for being stupid, but I'm curious. Is the Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Special VOS considered an R0? Reason I ask is because, (1) it's a Special, and (2) from what I understand, it's not really an accurate reproduction of the 1960 special to begin with. Thoughts?
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    For Sale or Trade: Gibson Les Paul Studio Robot in Midnight Manhattan Blue

    Hi guys! I'm offering my Gibson Les Paul Studio Robot in Midight Manhattan Blue. She's a beauty, and in perfect condition. I bought it new and have only played it a few times. The robot electronics work flawlessly. The only reason I'm looking to unload it is that I really never play...
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    WTB: OHSC for Gibson Nighthawk or Blueshawk


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