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  1. moff40

    Is this legit???

    Can't see very well, but the bridge posts seem to have slotted heads, like a metric (Epiphone) bridge... Everything else looks good though, none of the obvious tells.
  2. moff40

    FS: Cases and pickups

    Nope. To quickly identify Gibson Chainsaw (Protector) cases: 1st Generation cases were smaller, had 3 plastic latches, a padded handle, and a red interior. c. ~1976/77 2nd Gen were larger, with a blue interior and 3 metal latches c. ~1978/79 3rd Gen were the same as 2nd gen, but had brown\gold...
  3. moff40

    My Les Paul

    I'd love to find one of those mounting plates. I have a Shift 2001 that I'd love to add to my LP, but I need the mounting bracket. If anybody here has one, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands. Alternatively, if they could scan it or send pics I could get someone to make one for me.
  4. moff40


    In Canada, Remembrance Day is really more for the remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom and way of life, and to combat the evils of the likes of Hitler. Remembrance Day has recently been extended to include police and firefighters who have died in the line of...
  5. moff40

    halo 4, whos getting it?

    I finished it last night too, and I have to agree. I'm pretty disappointed with the ending; not what I had hoped. It was quite sad/moving.
  6. moff40

    halo 4, whos getting it?

    My 9-year-old son's a big fan of FPS games like Halo and COD, so we pre-ordered both the limited edition Halo 4 and Black Ops II. Picked Halo up yesterday. We played co-op campaign from after he'd finished his homework to bedtime (with a break in the middle for dinner and a bath), but didn't...
  7. moff40

    Pancake Body Reasoning?

    That's simply because the guitar is transferring energy to the wall, making it vibrate like a speaker. It has nothing to do with adding mass to the guitar. I actually prefer my later-model Deluxes (with the maple necks and non-pancake bodies) to my '74 with mahogany and pancake.
  8. moff40

    Jon Lord Died

    True. But the C was more widely available in Europe, while the B was more prevalent in North America. Road-cut, they're about the same, with the biggest visual clue to the difference (for me) is the sides - the B3's sides are "stepped" as they go past the manuals, and the C3's were straight...
  9. moff40

    Jon Lord Died

    They've been carrying on without him since his retirement in 2002... :) IIRC, Don Airey's been on keys since then. Sad loss though, nevertheless. With that C-3 (European equivalent and functionally the same as a B-3, except with different cabinetry) and those Marshall-driven Leslies, he...
  10. moff40

    How would you improve the almighty Les Paul?

    They DO do customer orders. You just have to be prepared to wait 12-18 months.
  11. moff40

    Finally found my PERFECT RIG Guitars, Amps, and Pedals How about you?

    It's easy to find the "perfect" rig. I've done it every year or two for the past 40+ years, so have become somewhat of an expert at it. :) Actually, the "perfect rig" is a moving target. I may really dig a LP + Plexi for a while, and then start to really groove on a Strat and wound-out...
  12. moff40

    114 Degrees!

    Hey, If you Ontario guys want, you can send some of that heat to the west coast. We just went through a chilly and wet June-uary, and it looks like Julvember is upon us (though admittedly with better weather). Frickin' weather has been muy weird for the past few years. Global warming making...
  13. moff40

    1980 Lefty Gibson Les Paul Deluxe OVERHAULED

    I'm the "lefty friend" Electric Funeral was talking about. Beautiful guitar! If I had the scratch, I'd be all over it. Trades? :)
  14. moff40

    What the f- delete this

    Aww, man KP - you beat me to it. Just for Zack268.... Bumpez-vous.
  15. moff40

    The Unfair Life of Guitarists

    Ex-freaking-zactly. I think that since the "shred invasion" of the early '80s, there's been a misconception that playing guitar is a competition, and that faster is somehow better. I fell for it hook line and sinker back then. But it couldn't be further from the truth. Music isn't about...
  16. moff40

    RIP Davy Jones

    The Monkees were part of my childhood. I remember watching religiously (and it was the original run, not reruns or syndication - I'm just THAT old :)). I had the first four LPs. Most of the songs on the first three were written by either Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart or Carole King & Gerry Goffin...
  17. moff40

    Appropriate power supply for my pedal board...

    I use the Godlyke PowerAll - same kind of deal as the One Spot, and it works fine. The Voodoo Lab is the most common of the upper-end ones, and they have a few different models, but my board has weird power requirements (there's an M13 and a Banshee that require 2000ma 9VAC each), so for me...
  18. moff40

    Iron Sky

    And to nit pick your nit-picking of my nit-pick, you DID notice that I acknowledged that when I wrote "One side of the moon is always facing Earth and the other always facing away", right? :)
  19. moff40


    "Play some Slayer!!!!!!"

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