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  1. Alan

    NGD - MIM Tele (04/05 model)

    Got it from Craigslist. My first Tele. How'd I do? Previously loved and gigged. Lots of dings, scratches, chunks taken out of the neck/body, and rust from sweat. That's some sweet mojo in my book! MZ4 serial number puts it somewhere in 2004/2005. Seymour Duncan STK-T2 Hot Lead Stack pickup in...
  2. Alan

    NGD - Pelham Blue LP Junior

    Oh happy day! The search is over. Found this brand new 2011 LP Junior in Pelham Blue and jumped on it. It only weights 8.4 lbs and is a tone monster! Jury is still out on the obeche fretboard. Time will tell. The color is magnificent.
  3. Alan

    The Joe Bonamassa LP Studio transformation

    I decided to strip the black paint off the body of my JB Les Paul Studio Why? Just because... Not sure if I'm going to do the neck or not, but I sanded it smooth with 1500 grit and it feels great! Black paint removed from the body. Yes, it was thick! Many hours of sanding comes next...
  4. Alan

    NGD - Trad Pro Split Coil P-90s (Ebony)

    Went to GC a few days ago to kill some time and just window shop. Looked way up at the top row and saw this ebony beauty. It was a leftover 2011, never sold, brand new, and marked WAY down. Played it, fell in love, and went home to think about it. Called the store back and made the deal. Specs...
  5. Alan

    Leftover LP Trad Pro split-coil P90s

    Ran across this leftover LP Trad Pro split-coil P90s 60s neck at my local shop today. Played like a dream! Any other owners out there give me the skinny on this axe? Glossy ebony top, flat black back and neck, rosewood fretboard, etc. Had a few swirl marks and light scratches on the glossy...
  6. Alan

    Stained my JB Studio fretboard

    Before After using Minwax ebony stain pen (3 coats) (Thanks for all your advice, TKOjams!)
  7. Alan

    2012 LP Trad Pro in Vintage Sunburst

    2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro Vintage Sunburst finish Specs here: Gibson USA: Les Paul Traditional Pro Exclusive, Pictures and Tabs, Download Guitar Music and Buy Gibson Electric Guitars Online Bought new a couple of months ago. Comes with Gibson hard shell case. In 100% condition...
  8. Alan

    NSD! (New speaker day!)

    My new Webers just arrived! They are 10", 15 watt, 4 ohm 10A100 speakers. They will replace the stock 8" speakers in my Fender Vibro Champ XD amps. Here is the speaker itself. Here it is in one of the amps. Not properly mounted yet, of course, but you get the idea. Shouldn't take too...
  9. Alan

    Too much time on my hands...

    Had too much time on my hands today (Styx reference :dude:) while babysitting a sick dog, so I did what any able-bodied soul would do: modified my guitar. LOL! Okay. Not really. I just did this to pass the time, had fun doing it, and took some pictures. I think it turned out okay. I found...
  10. Alan

    They call them amps because...

    Now I know why they call them "amps". They amplify how much I suck at this guitar thing! :lol:
  11. Alan

    Houston MLPers: Joe Bonamassa Studio

    Any MLPers in the Houston area looking for a Joe Bonamassa Studio? I'll give you a shot before putting it on CL b/c I'd rather not ship it, so I'll look for someone local first. Joe Bonamassa Studio You guys know the specs. Bought new mid-March, 2012. Comes with Gibson hard shell case. $1300 PM...
  12. Alan

    NAD x 2!

    Wooohoooooo! Happy NAD x 2 to me! My two Fender Vibro Champ XDs arrive today. Gonna run them together with a Radial Twin-City AB/Y switcher. :applause: Thanks to those who helped in the decision-making process. I appreciate your input. I'm a bedroom/hobbyist player. No need for gig-level...
  13. Alan

    Amazon knows what I want!

    I wish Amazon had a "HELL YES I WANT THAT NOW" button! :lol:
  14. Alan

    NGD - Trad Pro Vintage Sunburst

    Brown Santa (UPS) just dropped off my new Trad Pro. Wood grain looks excellent in person. It's 10.2 pounds. First song I played on it was AC/DC, "It's a Long Way to the Top (If Ya Wanna Rock n' Roll)" :dude: Time for some bonding to see if we're gonna get along well together. I think my Joe...
  15. Alan


    Just purchased a 2012 Traditional Pro! Woohooo! :applause: Now I just have to wait for it to arrive from an Indiana GC. :Ohno: The one at my local GC had a terrible top on it so I did some online shopping. I looked through 196 Vintage Sunburst Trad Pros from a particular website. How did I...
  16. Alan


    Very...much...want...this...guitar... MF doesn't have them. Sweetwater doesn't have them. Platinum Guitar Center doesn't have them. Says to contact local GC. Guess I'll troll my local GCs in the hopes they have one since it's a GC exclusive. Link
  17. Alan

    Obligatory pre-amp questionnaire complete!

    How much would you like to spend? ~ %500 - $800 What's the absolute most you will spend? ~ $1200 How many years have you played guitar? ~ 2 yrs Do you seek tone quality or versatility? Tone quality What is your primary guitar (include pup type and configuration)? #1 Gibson Joe...
  18. Alan

    Joe Bonamassa LP Studio

    Wooohoooooo! Just took delivery of my Joe Bonamassa LP Studio! (I've been absent for a long time. It's a long story, but after having to sell all my equipment a couple of years ago...I'm finally back in the game!)
  19. Alan

    Thanks Dan! Blues You Can Use YouTube series

    Just wanted to publically thank Dan for taking time to post all those new videos on YouTube. I learn something new each time I watch them. I appreciate the time and effort!
  20. Alan

    Line6 Pocket Pod

    A thread at another forum got me interested in the new Line6 Pocket Pod, so I picked one up today at GC. Didn't read the manual, of course, but after about 30 minutes of playing with it..going through pre-sets (which always suck)...turning dials...tweaking's the bottom line...

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