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  1. BrazenPicker

    WOW those guys are good!

    Body sent by parcel post from Osaka to Tokyo "If it has the correct postage, we deliver it."
  2. BrazenPicker

    Selling lots of guitars, mostly high end MIJ. Ship worlwide.

    OK, the movers are coming at the end of this week so I'm putting lots of guitars up for sale. Prices are listed below and I can "help" with the declared value for customs purposes. More photos in here: 1977...
  3. BrazenPicker

    Interesting pickup idea

    Look at the humbucker... Anyone else who has done this? PS: The designer is the same Japanese guy behind the fabled Greco/Maxon Dry-Z pickups of the early 80s.
  4. BrazenPicker

    Ebony Tokai LS-80 Reborn Old. Can it be?

    ¡ÚÁ÷ÎÁ̵ÎÁ¡Û¥ì¥¢¡©TOKAI LS-80 REBORN OLD 100±ß¥¹¥¿¡¼¥È¡ª - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó It has the sticker, but before I bid I'd like to be more sure. It's hard to tell, but in the photos the paint looks more like it's poly than nitro (which would have more chips and possibly some checking). I'm a...
  5. BrazenPicker

    PAF clone vs real PAF clips

    Posted in wrong forum. Moderator, please move to Tonefreaks/pickups forum. It would be interesting to see clips of PAF copies being compared to the real thing. I'm only aware of two, but there must be more. Both of these are PAF clone versus an original PAF that was the basis for copying...
  6. BrazenPicker

    Wiring the switch: vintage vs shielded 4-conductor

    Most of my Les Pauls have a single run of shielded 4-conductor wire to the switch (of which only 3 are used of course). I know of at least one winder who says it's essential to rewire it the vintage way, with 3 braided wire runs, and I've seen similar claims by people on forums. I'm a bit...
  7. BrazenPicker

    Leosounds pickups

    Came across these on my travels through the internet (long weekend here because of Chinese new year, heh heh): LEOSOUNDS - Handwound Guitar Pickups Gregor Hilden / Blues - Guitars & Amps for Sale - International They sound pretty good as far as I can tell and the price is very reasonable. I...
  8. BrazenPicker

    Correct dyes on high-end MIJ Les Pauls?

    As the title says... It looks better to me when a burst has faded to a more brownish color. Similar with the back: I prefer a more brown-ish hue to cherry. Will Les Pauls by companies like Navigator, Tokai, Momose, etc. fade when you leave them in the sun? This here is a perfect burst...
  9. BrazenPicker

    Cool Greco 335-type

    I like it... Too bad the price is a tad expensive. Anyone else has seen these around? I guess it's a pretty rare model so not easy to put a market price on it. Greco '78 SV800N?J????????Greco?
  10. BrazenPicker

    Something to tempt you...

    Exceptionally nice top IMO. I think this one is going to go fast. Navigator N-LP LTD Yahoo!
  11. BrazenPicker

    Any chance in hell this is a Greco SE-800?

    I bought this item recently: Ebay Auction # 300566524095 It arrived today in the mail and there's a "5" stamp visible in the neck pocket. It's been painted over a little, but the red/purplish stamp is still visible and no way it's an "8". It's a 5-piece body -- the black paint is quite...
  12. BrazenPicker

    NOS wire: worth the upcharge?

    I'm looking at getting a set of pickups from a winder who has a 1950s NOS wire as an option. It's a serious upcharge but my question is about tone regardless of price. Would it really deliver a noticeable improvement in tone? Has anyone here ever done a side by side comparison? Maybe...
  13. BrazenPicker

    Damn, somebody buy this, quick

    Greco MR-1000 '77 Made in Japan This shop ships direct and will even subtract the VAT so including shipping you're looking at around 60,000 Yen (750 USD). I've bought from them before and been very happy. If my apartment didn't look like a guitar warehouse already, with 2 more on the...
  14. BrazenPicker

    70s guitar synth

    The future has arrived! I'm not even in the wrong forum because it has a LP shape. I bet it's a lot of fun. :drool: Roland GR-500 (SB)
  15. BrazenPicker

    Not a LP but....

    Since most here are MIJ fans: Am I the only one who's scratching his head at this closing price? Fender Japan Stratocaster ST57-115 JV-Serial BLACK !! | eBay I'm aware this is a high-end model and the JV serial number ones are highly sought after, but it seems another illustration that...
  16. BrazenPicker

    Buy first, ask questions later

    Did I miss anything? ¡ØGreco EG-900¥°¥ì¥³ Les Paul std78ǯÀ½ DiMarzio Pickups¡Ù - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó I already have an EG800 of the same year and love it. I was surprised nobody was bidding and couldn't leave it there at this price.
  17. BrazenPicker

    1981 Tokai LS-120 or so it says...

    Looks like a nice guitar. Any thoughts with this one? Price is high but not entirely unreasonable if it's a real one... Will be interesting to watch. ¡ØTokai LS120 81ǯÀ½ ¥È¡¼¥«¥¤ ¥¸¥ç¡¼¡¦¥Ú¥ê¡¼¥µ¥¤¥ó·ã¥È¥é¡ª¡Ù - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó
  18. BrazenPicker

    My Navigator LP, real or fake?

    As some of you know, I bought this one a couple of months ago. I've had it for about a month now, what with surface mail and shipping delays... It is a solid top, by the way. I didn't take pictures of the pickup cavity but I sanded some of the black paint away and I can definitely tell from...
  19. BrazenPicker

    These are fun little guitars...

    Greco RG750B I recently bought one of these "Greckenbackers" on a whim and turns out to be a really great-sounding guitar that's a lot of fun. It does the classic trebly thing but beyond that it's quite a versatile guitar, and the short scale (about 3/4 of a strat) adds something different...
  20. BrazenPicker

    Early 80s Tokai ES-150: what's the neck like?

    I noticed one for sale online and the shop is willing to ship it direct to me. But before I pull the trigger: thin, medium or thick neck? Thanks.

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