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    Whither Goest Thine Olympics?

    First full night of the Olympics came and went, and what does it prove? The word that comes to mind is boring, sadly. Who can take women's soccer seriously, given so much buffoonery on the field? Two of the goals scored by the US team occurred from bounce assists from the other side (New...
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    I felt the Earth move under my feet

    Considering a move to Nevada, and heard about an earthquake south of Reno. Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Six months ago, I was looking at a residence in Florida. Then this building collapsed in Surfside. The wife has been telling me to invest in more real estate. I think she is crazy. Each...
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    Tesla Defiled

    What is seen cannot be unseen. I feel sorry for the poor car.
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    Kirk Fletcher Gibson ES-345 Model

    Kirk visited Norman's Guitars and introduced his new signature model this week. Gibson's Custom Shop does not always add a varitone circuit to their ES-345 and ES-355 models. Also, a normal ES-345 usually sports a rosewood fretboard. Fletcher's model changes all that. It has a varitone...
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    Sandford and Son Father's Day

    The greatest TV comedy never to win an Emmy award was Sandford & Son. However, it is/was the best show about the dynamics of a father and son relationship. Who has seen their dad in a hospital bed? Or, had to deal with a sick son or daughter? How about family gatherings? As tragic as some...
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    Need Help finding a Shoe

    First, this is not a Cinderella or Cinderfella story. I'm trying to find a shoe that looks cool and would make a perfect Father's day gift. We saw this in a Macys' ad, but the link led nowhere, basically to Crocs and Skechers brands. I know some of you have good taste, as guitar, watch, and...
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    Another Julien's Auction Friday June 11-13, 2021

    A Kurt Cobain caricature of himself is up for auction. It says, "I don't know how to play and I don't give a Hoot." Notice his last name is mispelled, so this book must be a fake. Nevertheless, somebody is going to bid big bucks because of their attachment to Kurt. Not Courtney Love, but Dave...
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    F. Lee Bailey Dead at 87

    AP reports F. Lee Bailey's Death What a character! He represented what is good, bad, and outrageous in American law. Known for his crafty defense of O.J. and his brutal cross-examination of Mark Fuhrman, Flee was everything you expect of an attorney, . . . , in a Hollywood movie. We'll never...
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    Don't Edit My Body

    Kate Winslet demanded that the film maker of her recent series, Mare of Easttown, not edit her nude scene. As an Academy award winner and nominee, she has the stature to make this request. I believe that in her contract, they probably requested that she do a sex scene, but she did not consent to...
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    The Gates Divorce

    I feel sorry for this couple (Bill and Melinda Gates). Not because each will only get half of what they used to have, but because of the acrimony that led to the breakup. Now rumors are circulating (NY Post) about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and Melinda's warnings to Bill to stop it...
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    Dry-Z Authentication

    The seller thinks these are Dry-Z, but the evidence is not very convincing. Paging MauiCliff for expert advice.
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    Massive Government Asset Seizure

    Happened in Beverly Hills, CA. FBI got a judge to sign a blanket order to open and seize the contents of over 1000 safe deposit boxes from a private company. How do I get back the dozen PAFs I had stored there, because the Gubmint wants me to prove I am the rightful owner? I have some other...
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    Down the Stretch They Come ...

    Most exciting Kentucky Derby in a long time. Authentic vs. Tiz the Law This is/was more fun than investing in Tesla. When in doubt, always bet on Place.
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    Loretta Lynn marries Kid Rock

    USA Today Story of a Winter - Autumn Marriage Who can explain love? Good luck Loretta. At least Kid Rock will always have money to sustain his lifestyle. First thing you gotta do, Kid, is to buy the most expensive guitars on the market. Contact the collector who had his guitars on display at...
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    1961 Gibson SG refin Pelham Blue

    1961 Gibson SG -- Ebay This seems to have a few issues over and above the refinish. The pickups show no evidence of being early patent sticker models. Decals are nearly completely gone, and there is no evidence of tool marks on the brackets. Pickup covers are way too shiny. Fretboard inlays...
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    Get Organized

    This is a tribute to the hard working folks in Minnesota, one of whom is master carpenter Tom Gensmer. Do you think that buying Festool would make me a better woodworker, or a Tool Cork Sniffer? Anyway, it is never too early to start thinking about winter. In MN, it begins in August. I don't...
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    Amp Safari

    Very heartening story posted by youtuber Matthew Scott this month. He rescued a Fender Blackface amp from a barn. I won't spoil the story, but these old war horses have an inner life that is indomitable. Make sure you have the right test equipment and tools before you attempt an in-depth...
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    Non-functioning Guitar Case Latch

    What is the best brand of latch to repair one that is badly stuck in the case below? Most generic latches have different hole locations, and the existing ones on the case will need to be filled with a wood epoxy. Ease of opening and longevity of the chrome are the two most important...
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    Gibson 1968 LP GT Makeover to '59 Model

    1968 Gibson LP GT Makeover Seems like a good job by Kim. Weight is 9 lb 5 oz, neither high nor low relative to that period of time. No breaks according to a message from the seller. Dotted i logo and right curves in the cavity cutout. Pots date to 1967 (last third). Orange mylar caps seem to be...
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    Ultimate Reverb Scam - Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Man, I thought I had studied all the ways a scam could be pulled off on an online site. For example, selling a mint amp, being forced to take a return, and getting junk back in the mail. The double indignity of this type of transaction is losing the original item, and having to pay postage both...

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