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    Hands off those faders!

    Here are four songs where I wish the recording tech had not faded out too soon: 1-Old Judge Jones by Les Dudek. Sounds like Les had a lot more to say there. 2-Outward Bound by Wishbone Ash. Andy Powell was still cookin'. 3-Smoke on the Water. Drummer and organist just getting started...
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    2020--Silver Linings?

    We all know how bad 2020 has been, but somebody out there has to have something good to recount here. For me, 2020 is the year when I was able to retire and spend more time with my wife of 36 years and pursue my many hobbies. And the Bills 38-9 shellacking of the Patriots last night is a huge...
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    Underrated Guitar Albums

    All are encouraged to list guitar albums that they feel are underrated. Feel free to list as many as you like. My choices are, in no particular order: Argus by Wishbone Ash Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas by the Allman Brothers Band Smokin' at the Half Note by the Wynton Kelley...
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    Marshall Contour Control

    Could someone explain to me how the Marshall Contour Control works? I have an older Valvestate 30 and it sounds almost the same to me no matter where it is set.
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    SIT Silencers vs. GHS Nickel Rockers

    I'm looking to cut down on wound string noise. Currently using EB Slinky Hybrids 9-46. Would appreciate any input from players on either SIT Silencers or GHS Nickel Rockers. Thanks in advance!
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    What's wrong with Lzzy Hale's face?

    Every picture I see of her she has this grimace like somebody just stepped on her gouty foot.
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    No more String Club?

    Went into local GC yesterday to get strings for my pawn shop prize. The counterman told me that the string club discount program has been discontinued. I think they're making a big mistake. The String Club card got me into their store 12 times a year.

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