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  1. El Toro

    I Play Guitar... What's Your Superpower shirts

    We actually make tons of stuff, but I wanted ideas and feedback.. thanks!
  2. El Toro

    Great Max deal!!!!
  3. El Toro

    A Rist on Reverb

    Just figured it would make sense here... it's been years since I have been here.
  4. El Toro

    Nightrain $249 / Krank Jr $299 / Keely DS1 $50

    My buddy, Phil, at McKnight Guitars is blowing stuff out. 480-782-9600. I'm dying here because I want to buy this Ibanez mahogany set neck that maps abou7t $600 and he wants $149 and I just don't have it.
  5. El Toro

    Feeler: Jackson DK27 Baritone guitar

    My son wants to sell his blue 27" scale Jackson. I've seen a huge spread on these guitars pricewise. Any of you guys have an idea of what a fair price to ask is? It's in good shape and blue.
  6. El Toro

    Ibanez PQ-9 and SKB PS-45

    I figure the Ibanez is more than fair at $100 shipped conus The SKB? $170 shppied
  7. El Toro

    Max kit... no mineral streak...

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  8. El Toro

    Krank Prototype

    I used to own this amp. Amazing high gain sounds and an even better clean. I'd think a Dimebag enthusiast would love it: Prototype Krank Krankenstein Jr. 20w head NAMM Show piece | eBay
  9. El Toro

    Tiny Terror & Rev Jr only $350!

    I just figured I'd let you guys know that my friend's store is selling an Orange Tiny Terror and a Krank Rev. Jr. for only $350/ea. McKnight Guitar Co in Chandler, AZ
  10. El Toro

    This Blasphemer deserves having his fingers cut off!

    Sally Struthers had better start an informercial for abused guitars.
  11. El Toro

    Gentner Patchbay plus cables! $100

    Whatever shipping costs are or local pick up needs to apply.
  12. El Toro

    Carvin XV112-EV tube amp $350

    Just serviced... whatever shipping is, it is, but she's in good shape.
  13. El Toro

    Dead Mint 1964 Bandmaster ALL ORIGINAL

    I have been asked to liquidate an associate's collection due to health reasons. Sadly, someone stole his 1957 Strat and his 1959 Burst (yes, real) but they left the reissues, the Ricks, etc... there will be many pieces that I will eventually post. GC is selling their "C" condition 1964 BM...
  14. El Toro

    Max Kit!
  15. El Toro

    Is there a mod for the Morley Mini Maverick?

    I love the fact it's true bypass / optical, etc... but it just doesn't have the grind I want. It's compact, so it makes things easy... I just don't want to step backwards to a 535q.
  16. El Toro

    Early HBE Power Screamer very hand wired!!! $110 shippied conus

    HBE says it's one of the first 100 most likely, but the sticker came off.
  17. El Toro

    Korean RG450dx white - $340 shipped conus

    very, very kleen! Whiter than the pics show!
  18. El Toro

    Epiphone Wilshire Project $120 shipped Conus

    There are some finish cracks, but not thru wood cracks... Ijust don't have time...
  19. El Toro

    Gibson SG1 / blk / $625 shipped!

    I do have the original guard, knobs and ring to go with her. The tailpiece in a locking piece kinda like tonepros. $625 in the CONUS My camera is finicky.
  20. El Toro

    My 15 year old son shredding!

    He's on to something: Rex Torgeson - Miles of Machines w/ backing track - YouTube

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