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    HSS strat pickup replacement question

    Hello all. I'd like to replace the stock bridge humbucker with a pearly gates. Problem is the stock humbucker is mounted with three screws, the pearly gates has four. Anyone know of a replacement humbucker with three screws instead of four?
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    Van Halen plays Man On The Silver Mountain

    new old clip. Just released as a tribute to the late, great Dio. :thumb: BLABBERMOUTH.NET - VAN HALEN Covering RAINBOW Classic In 1976; Previously Unheard Recording Released
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    Rush documentary out June 10

    Only showing in limited theaters. Thought a few here may be interested. Just scored 4 tickets. :thumb: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage Movie Site
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    OK-Blake has inspired me- here are my tunes

    After my first few months here, I was determined never to post my own stuff for fear of getting...well, you know. But what the hell. I figure if I comment on other people's stuff, then it's only fair to throw my own creativity into the ring. Hope you all find something worthwhile here. Fair...
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    Famous guitars

    hello everyone. Just ran across this interactive piece showcasing famous guitars. Thought you all may enjoy it: 50: Guitars - LA Times Magazine
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    anybody know the size truss rod tool I need for my prs mccarty?

    Need to know the size of the truss rod tool for adjusting my LP Traditional Pro and my Strat too. Thanks!
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    some opinions on these ext cabs please?

    Hello all-could I bother all the amp experts here to chime in on which 2X12 ext cab I should get? I found these on sweetwater and don't know enough about amps and cabs to make an educated choice. I'm willing to pay the price for quality but don't want to overpay (who does, right?). Thanks for...
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    Pics of my trad pro and PRS

    Thought some of you may enjoy this. I found out about Andy Brauer through MLP and took my LP (and a bunch of other guitars) to him. He installed Bumblebee caps, a locking hand-cut bridge (apologies-that may not be the actual term). The bridge he installed screwed down with an allen wrench and he...
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    getting a good live tone

    Pardon the noob question everyone but with all the experience on this board, I'm sure someone here can give me a clue. When dialing in a sound, I usually have two versions of the same tone - one for low volume, another for performance volume. I've done this with all of my amps both tube and...
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    hello from California

    Hey all, I've been soaking up all the great info on this board for a few weeks now and just now found this "introduction" forum. Reckon I should have come here first but there was so much to read, I kinda lost track. Sorry 'bout that. I dig all types of music but grew up on Prog (first concert...
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    looking for someone to install locking tuners on my traditional

    Hello everyone-I just looked through some previous threads and the general consensus seems to be that Grover locking tuners can drop into a traditional with no drilling. Is that correct? Also, does anyone know of a good guitar tech in the Southern California area (Riverside/San...

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