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  1. Epi 57 classic

    Norlins in their natural habitat (getting played live!)

    Thanks:thumb: Those are the original T-tops. When I got this guitar the original covers were gone. To protect the sides from T-tops a little bit I put those open frames over them :fingersx: I think it looks cool :naughty:
  2. Epi 57 classic

    NGD Thx to Kris 77 LP Standard !

    Naturals rules :headbanger: Verry nice axe!!! Enjoy :thumb:
  3. Epi 57 classic

    Backing out J.Page Wiring Setup?

    I have a Epi Lp with a JP wiring set-up. I thought it would be nice to try. I play the Epi only at home to practise. Like you, I am no wizard to. I never use it. I don't like the in or out of phase sound in any combination of the set-up. The bridge is a BB III and the neck a '57. The BB III...
  4. Epi 57 classic

    Opinions on Low Frets

    It all depends on your playing style. I love low frets and low action. As a blues player I bend a lot. never have any problem. Use hybrids. I have small hands. Play a lot finger style. I love that feel. No speed bumps. You easily slide from note to note and bend it up and let it sing. :) Just...
  5. Epi 57 classic

    Natural Norlin Appreciation Thread

    My 1980 natural Custom. With the original T-tops. It official kills :cool: When I bought it it didn't had the original covers so I put those frames one to protect the open T-tops from the side. Looks cool to me :naughty: Great pictures here..Let's see more for Buzz:thumb: R.I.P Buzz....
  6. Epi 57 classic

    New Caps on a 1981 Natural Standard w/Shaws

    Great guitar. I love it :)
  7. Epi 57 classic

    NGD: 2010 Gibson Byrdland

    Great guitar. Congrats and enjoy!!!! :)
  8. Epi 57 classic

    Thinking about getting a custom....

    Hey JM2112. Can I check in for the natural Customs :naughty::fingersx:
  9. Epi 57 classic

    What's your favourite Les paul custom color?

    I rest my case :fingersx:
  10. Epi 57 classic

    1979 Custom - Can this be original?

    Tar backs 100% I have them in my ES 335 Artist from '79 Great pickups Nice git btw
  11. Epi 57 classic

    Norlin Hatred

    Wouw!!!!!:shock: That is a killer one :wow::wow:
  12. Epi 57 classic

    It's a Norlin, But...

    Wouw!!! That is a looker!!! Enjoy!!!
  13. Epi 57 classic

    *Gibson vs Epiphone*

    I agree with Paul(nice pics again:thumb:) My Gibson's are in their cases as I have cats running around, my wife doing vacuum cleaning, kids and so on and so on, but my Epi LP is standing in the room. I take my Gibson's to rehearsals, gigs... They really inspire me to play. That is what my...
  14. Epi 57 classic

    74 custom maple top and neck. What do you think?

    Nice!!! Although I like the look of an ebony board more. You should post this in the Norlin section.
  15. Epi 57 classic

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    Maybe a double post...but...who gives a damn:) Always a pleasure to post them:thumb:
  16. Epi 57 classic

    NGD 75 Deluxe

    Looks great!!! But I really like the looks of those P100 in that git... Don't change them!!!
  17. Epi 57 classic

    Gibson The Original HB-L and HB-R???

    I can imagine that if you into PAF that the Bill L pickups are not for you. Though they can sound like that if you fiddle around a little bit with the settings...

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