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  1. flamesarewicked

    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    You’re probably thinking that they don’t make a 50s Standard in that color.. They do at Sweetwater. I wanted a 50s neck LP but I was torn because I did prefer the Iced Tea color.. well they have a Sweetwater Exclusive run of that very thing. Also, it comes with 57 classics rather than the...
  2. flamesarewicked

    Studio Gem Series?

    I remember these. Local shop had an emerald green one when these were new. At the time I had only been playing about a year or so and didn’t know a ton about gear at that point. I remember the 60 cycle hum from the P90s sucked. Of course I later learned why it had that noise lol. This was back...
  3. flamesarewicked

    Almost certain fake lp but serial shows legit

    People tend to focus on the serial number and totally overlook the fact that it was added AFTER it was finished.. big red flag.. Gibson stamps them prior.. there’s even been some so buried in lacquer that it’s borderline illegible.. that’s in addition to other tell tale signs that aren’t even subtle
  4. flamesarewicked

    Throwback Thursday

    A trip down memory lane… for some it wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things.. of course over time prices do go up as every thing does.. Some stuff seem to do more so than others for whatever reason. R7s and R8s are $2500 LP Junior is $750 American Strat is $950 Yet other items...
  5. flamesarewicked

    M2M program alive?

    I’d love to get a M2M. There has been so many that have popped up under normal production that meet the criteria I’d want anyway so I’ve never ventured down that avenue. After being without one for so long.. I feel the need for one again:hmm:
  6. flamesarewicked

    So i ordered up a Mustang Mach-E.

    I think they’re pretty cool… as a Mustang owner.. they probably would of have had a better reception among Mustang owners had they called it something else.. but I’m sure the marketing department figured using the name would stir up business for those who don’t really care what it’s called...
  7. flamesarewicked

    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    I don’t currently have one but I was in my mid 30s when I had the first.. I’ll have another some day.
  8. flamesarewicked

    Face and neck tattoos

    I guess it’s better than a face or neck tattoo.. Unless the person is in a widely known successful rock/metal band..people who sport a neck/face tattoos aren’t exactly killing it at life anyhow.. and likely don’t have a desire to. If only they worked as hard at life as they do posting...
  9. flamesarewicked

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    Sure could.. but 25 years ago
  10. flamesarewicked

    Ida looks like Katrina 2.0.

    Conditions for my neck of the woods have dropped to 30ish mph winds and 70-80% chance of rain thankfully. It’s going far more east than originally anticipated yesterday. Nola is a cool place to visit. Lots of cool shops to check out in the quarter.. and of course the House of Blues..and the...
  11. flamesarewicked

    Ida looks like Katrina 2.0.

    When one dies, two shall arise
  12. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    I’d rock the hell out of it
  13. flamesarewicked

    Ida looks like Katrina 2.0.

    A glimpse of today’s weather.. this was about 11:30am
  14. flamesarewicked


    I’m more of a hard fried egg guy mah self ..
  15. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    Both big and small block Fords were in the front along big block Chryslers.. they had it right lol
  16. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    I’m sure the water pump flows just the same as a non opti spark.. just the location of the distributor being behind it saved space where as a conventional one would be sticking up in the back against the firewall of a Camaro or Corvette.. talk about a pain in the ass lol small block Mopars were...
  17. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    I guess it was a space saving measure since it was in the Corvette and Camaro primarily. Those engine bays are tight to put it lightly. It was also in the big body RWD Impala SS/Caprice/Roadmaster
  18. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    They usually are… except for this version of the LT1
  19. flamesarewicked

    one for the classic muscle car guys

    Goes behind the water pump. Driven by the camshaft.. Distributors are driven by the cam in any case but not between the water pump and engine block lol

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