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  1. Deftone


    I've never been so glad to see it. Nor Cal has been a hot, dry, dusty, smokey, inferno. A few weeks back it was so smokey outside, rats were gnawing at the weather stripping on the bottom of my doors, trying to get in and get some fresh air. Right now the ground is wet and the air smells...
  2. Deftone

    Me Likey...
  3. Deftone

    The most recorded bass in music history?

    Pretty cool...
  4. Deftone

    Marshall Mini Plexi (SV20H) demo....

    Pretty good demo showing some range.
  5. Deftone

    Coping with loss (Lost Gear Content)

    How do you manage? How do you keep from blaming yourself when you are the only one to blame? My '88 cherryburst Les Paul Custom Lite, my black '87 Les Paul Custom Lite, my black '89 Studio Lite with Floyd Rose trem, my blackface Fender Champ, my 2000 Les Paul Standard Raw Power and the worst of...
  6. Deftone

    Pikes Peak bans motorcycles from competition

    Bummer. Here's Rennie Scaysbrook's Pikes Peak Motorcycle Lap Record from 2019....
  7. Deftone


    Any Y&T fans? I just found out they are playing nearby so I got a couple tickets for the wife and myself. A bunch of my friends will be there too, should be a good time. I was a fan in high school, but they kinda lost me with "Summer Time Girls." Haven't seen them since "Day On The Green" in '85.
  8. Deftone

    G12T-75's sound better than V30's

  9. Deftone

    Thoughts on the new Ibanez Q series Headless guitars?
  10. Deftone

    Recommend a <$500 Les Paul

    A friend new to playing wants an electric. He likes Les Pauls but wants to keep it under $500. I already recommended Harley Benton and Firefly. Anyone own one of those? People are buying up the Firefly's and re-selling them for more than MSRP. He likes the Blueberry burst LP so bonus if you...
  11. Deftone

    Mystery of 1965 plane crash in California’s Folsom Lake might finally be solved.

    Been interested in this story for several years. Plane crashed into Folsom lake (near the prison) after a mid air collision but the plane and the bodies were never recovered. We were out on the lake in 2014 when the water was really low. A bridge re-surfaced that had been submerged for years...
  12. Deftone

    OK, I might have a problem...

    1985 JCM800 2204 (top, middle) Had to leave town as soon as it arrived, so I never even got chance to fire it up.
  13. Deftone

    DuraTex 2x12

    So I have this 2x12 I bought years ago. It's says "Avatar Speaker Co. on the back so I assume that's what it is. I loaded it wit Celestion G12T-75's and it sounded great. When I got it, it was covered in gray carpet and had these black plastic interlocking corners on it. Pretty hideous. Did a...
  14. Deftone

    NAD JCM800 2205

    Wasn't sure how to title this thread. Either a "NAD" or "900 vs 800" or maybe even "Mid Life Crisis" At any rate, I picked up a Marshall JCM800 2205 a few weeks ago (center bottom, under the Nailbomb) I wanted to take it to a tech before I gave it an honest evaluation. All three Marshalls...
  15. Deftone

    Why I Never Had To Be The Best Guitar Player In The World

    Great stuff.....
  16. Deftone


    MIAMI STRIPPER ARRESTED FOR SQUIRTING VAGINAL FLUIDS AT POLICE OFFICERS IN SELF-DEFENSE A Florida lap dancer has been arrested in Miami after assaulting five police officers with her vagina and using it as a deadly weapon without the intent to kill. Britney Simmons, 24, was performing at the...
  17. Deftone

    Boss Klon Centaur CT-3 Overdrive

  18. Deftone

    Is this Parts caster a good deal?

    This parts caster with a MIM neck caught my eye. Good deal for $420? "This is a partscaster build with AWESOME components! It is awesome and ready to rock! Sounds amazing, plays well, comes with a gigbag (kind of rare for instruments on here to have any case). Check out the components -...
  19. Deftone

    Internet Stalking.....

    ...the UPS guy. He has my new amp in his truck.
  20. Deftone

    Mammoth WVH

    I like it...YMMV.

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