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  1. jc2000

    Dave mustaine goes Gibson?

  2. jc2000

    For all you Knitting Fans and fashionistas

  3. jc2000

    So what are you listening to?

    Right now its Peter Frampton because I am reading his book.....
  4. jc2000

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    How do you like the TLR 8? I just installed the Olight Baldr mini on mine, I went for the green laser. The light is 600 lumens, more than enough. I just picked up a red dot sight... cant wait to install it this weekend..
  5. jc2000

    Grateful Dead

    Not a big Dead fan, but it sounds nice.
  6. jc2000

    Plain vs Flame. Less is More ?

    I Love a sweet plain top.....
  7. jc2000

    Here is my refinshed 2016 Les Paul after 30 days of UV exposure.

    Thats really amazing... I think I would have stopped half way.
  8. jc2000

    Music room project.

    Very nice.
  9. jc2000

    Artists you just don’t get...

    In the classic rock era.. Grateful Dead..The Doors...I just cant listen to them. All other era's....everything.
  10. jc2000

    I Was Perusing then...Aldo Nova

    Is he still alive????
  11. jc2000

    Buying from a quality online retailer?

    Sweetwater is worth the wait..
  12. jc2000

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    I have bought a couple guitars on line and been very happy with the outcome.
  13. jc2000

    Are GM going to SUV the Vette?

    Why not?? Ford just ruined the Mustang....
  14. jc2000

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    My new Sig 365XL. .. Now, if I could find ammo for it? :hmm:
  15. jc2000

    The man Gary Rossington

    Gary is Awesome!!
  16. jc2000

    Yes or...

    Ive never been a fan...
  17. jc2000

    Anyone here ever "sold out" in regard to your career?

    Im 55 and have been at my job for 21 years. I would love to make a change, but at this age Im a slave to my pay check....
  18. jc2000

    10s On A LPs?

    I switched from 10's to 9's... guess im just getting old.....
  19. jc2000

    I lost my Mom on Sunday

    I am very sorry for your loss. I lost both my mom and my mother in law due to covid last March.. SUCKS!

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