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  1. jbash

    This guy deserves a Sig Les Paul

    A special run of however many out the Custom shop. He played this thing since 1971 or so as his main guitar until the neck was toast in the mid Y2Ks and sent it back to Gibson for a new neck. I think he retired it a few years after that.
  2. jbash

    10" speakers for modeling amps

    Does anyone make a FRFR in a 10" size? Not looking for a powered amp cab or such, just the speaker itself as a potential replacement in a modeling combo
  3. jbash

    Mojotone 59 Clones- whats the scoop?

    I haven't seen/heard anything about these in some time- I do see that GP thought they were quite good in a shootout years ago. Decent clips are hard to find and mojotone's vids are pretty lame* I came across a set locally for a fair price. Have not purchased them yet, and wondering if anyone...
  4. jbash

    New Threads

    Before After Pulled the Slash burstbuckers and installed my Duncan 59s with UOA5 magnets. Overall a better fit for me tonally, but the Duncans are a little one dimensional/bland compared to Burstbuckers. Not sure where I will go with pickups next. That's all I need to "complete" it. That...
  5. jbash

    So here's that Mississippi Queen (NGD)

    EDITED to avoid some confusion. Please see this thread if you are curious why I named the guitar "Mississippi Queen" No Juniors to be seen here. This is my first real hands on experience with a new Gibson Standard since the buyout. I've been wanting to get a 50s Standard for awhile. None of the...
  6. jbash

    I don't get FedEx

    I mean, I understand the conceot of "hubs" ( I have one 2 minutes away from me, but...) I ordered a new guitar. Finally it's ready to ship. I'm in Connecticut. The Guitar is in NJ It's probably about 3-4 hours away. Fed Ex drives it all the way to FREAKING MISSISSIPPI first. I'm from The South...
  7. jbash

    Anyone use 50s wiring in one pickup and modern on the other?

    I've struggled for a few years trying to get my bridge pickups to sound how I like, and finally said the hell with it, and put them back to modern wiring, and all is right again with my tonal world BUT Neck pickup I do like with 50s wiring as that I tend to use full blast for hendrixy stuff...
  8. jbash

    AMS/ZZounds Classic Lite Les Pauls

    Anyone have experience with these? Les Paul Classic Lite Getting older, back injuries, surgeries, taken their toll. Looking for something lighter & thinner and pref with belly carve. SG's are in the mix too.
  9. jbash

    First new Les Paul in 4 years..

    Sadly, it's a much better Les Paul than my Classic and Trad. which cost 2x as much
  10. jbash

    SOLD- 2014 Paul Reed Smith (USA) Singlecut 245 w/57/08s

    First For Sale post here. But I have had many years of great transactions over at the Seymour Duncan forums where my handle is JeffB (you can search the trading post "good trader alert" post there. I am also on Ebay as Tradlngbw (though I have not used ebay in years, my feedback is 100%). I...
  11. jbash

    Merry Xmas to me

    Sort of. I FINALLY finished my 2014 Classic conversion. The bridge tone may be off just a tad, but when I compare it to my 2014 traditional, its dang close. 50s wiring pio caps. Put a blank truss cover on as well as new backplate..the 57classics will go at some point. But for now just glad I am...
  12. jbash

    PSA- Sweetwater Black Friday week has started

    Epiphone PTP AMBER (they are calling it antique natural) for $448. I see the rest of the ptp models have gone up.
  13. jbash

    Guitar would you do this?

    See the pics? :thumb: I want to remove that mini switch and install a full size pot. The switch hole is 1/8" so I need to bring it up to 3/8" I'm not worried about perfection as the guitar is plenty scratched and dinged now (this was a "when new" shot). I just need to get it done, and any...
  14. jbash

    Faber vs. Callaham

    Looking to do a bridge replacement on my 2014 traditional. I have one with the newer titanium sadddles (supposedly) and its bright. I swapped an older nashville on briefly and it was less harsh. So I figure I will go in whole hog. Anyone care to opine?
  15. jbash

    PSA- Sweetwater Plaintop Traditionals

    Not sure if there was a previous post 2016 PT Traditional. No weight relief. Big neck. Good price. A little heavy on the weight I love my 2014 Trad, but I'd rather have a plaintop :thumb: Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional Plaintop - Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Non-Weight Relieved |
  16. jbash


    One of those other singlecuts... The neck pup is brilliant..The bridge sounds absolutely amazing for single notes, but a bit strident in the low end when playing distorted chords...jury is out... It sings better than my current Gibsons, and I got a couple good ones :( This is my 7th or 8th...
  17. jbash

    Suhr Badger 30..

    This is the el34 version with power scaling. Anyone have any experience with this amp?
  18. jbash

    Preferred N/OS tube dealers?

    I've used Tube Depot for new tubes with fine results but wondering whom the MLP members like to buy Old glass from.
  19. jbash

    Today is NPUD

    These were a Bday present for myself. Gonna get em installed in a couple hours when the Mrs, and the little ms. Go shopping for the day. :) Gahhh..stupid phone upside down pics..I can't figure out which way is right side up for taking landscape photos....

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