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  1. flamesarewicked

    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    You’re probably thinking that they don’t make a 50s Standard in that color.. They do at Sweetwater. I wanted a 50s neck LP but I was torn because I did prefer the Iced Tea color.. well they have a Sweetwater Exclusive run of that very thing. Also, it comes with 57 classics rather than the...
  2. flamesarewicked

    Throwback Thursday

    A trip down memory lane… for some it wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things.. of course over time prices do go up as every thing does.. Some stuff seem to do more so than others for whatever reason. R7s and R8s are $2500 LP Junior is $750 American Strat is $950 Yet other items...
  3. flamesarewicked

    Some Line 6 POD Go fun

    Picked up one of these from a friend about a month ago…. Amazing how so little money now days can get ya some good tones
  4. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    Includes original black hardshell case with white interior. Still has its stock 57/57+ pickups. It’s in overall pretty good shape. No major glaring flaws. Frets do have a little bit of wear but still have lots of life left. Nice chunky neck.. I haven’t weighed it personally but the shop I...
  5. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2013 Gibson SG Standard Alpine White $1100 shipped/ppd

    Feast your eyes on the return of the small guard standards. The stock 57/57 classics are still in place. Original black hardshell case is included. There’s little to no fret wear as you can see in the photos. I haven’t weighed it but it’s the lightest SG I’ve ever owned. Slim taper neck. There...
  6. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Gibson Les Paul LP4 Reference Monitors - Tobacco Burst

    This is for the pair and they’re powered. I was gonna use them in conjunction with my Axe Fx III but between my studio headphones and my L6 Powercab they aren’t getting used. I do not have the original packaging but will include the power cables. $300 ppd/shipped to the lower 48 states. Where...
  7. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: PRS S2 594 McCarty Singlecut - Purple Iris Quilt Top

    Includes original PRS padded gig bag, hang tags, case candy. This is an exclusive model to a local shop here in Louisiana. It has a quilted maple top rather than flamed and has an ebony board instead of rosewood. The color is Purple Iris and comes from the Core line. It’s a phenomenal...
  8. flamesarewicked

    NGD: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Heritage Cherry

    Technically it came in yesterday evening but I was dead tired from working the night before. I’ve had a stroke of luck selling off some stuff lately and I’ve kept this one on my watch list on reverb for a while.. checking to see if it’s still available from time to time. It was priced higher...
  9. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Apline White w/ Gator hardcase

    Bought this about a month ago and for the money it’s a fantastic player.. decided to sell because I have a big ticket item coming in and it won’t get played unfortunately.. includes a new Gator hardshell case. It’s not mint but extremely close to it. Mostly just some minor swirling on the guard...
  10. flamesarewicked

    Looking at an Apple laptop for simple recording

    My old Samsung laptop has done well over the last 8 years doing the usual web surfing, movie watching, YouTube watching, etc etc..but it’s lacking according to the recommendations I’ve read online for specs. since being of the Axe FX III fam as of late I wanna dabble with recording. I found a...
  11. flamesarewicked

    Burny RLC-70, what’s the goin rate?

    One of these popped up local which rarely happens. It’s usually a sea of squiers and bolt on neck Epiphones. It’s in decent shape. The electronics aren’t original. It has fishman fluence pickups. That’s actually a perk since I would of put something in it anyhow. No case and they’re asking about...
  12. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Helix Floor + backpack

    Decided to give digital another try and I picked this up locally from a friend.. it sounds great but decided to take it a little further and went with Fractal Axe Fx III. It includes the helix backpack carry case. I have some IRs and preset packs that will go with it. If has the latest firmware...
  13. flamesarewicked

    WTB: cream Epiphone pickup rings

    I guess these change throughout the years and I have two sets that don’t fit the current LP modern. anyone have a set laying around ? Or maybe know a source. I’m afraid I could order a dozen different sets labeled as Epiphone compatible and none of them fit.. The guitar is Pelham blue and I...
  14. flamesarewicked

    SOLD- FS: 2006 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul/SG Custom - Ivory

    It’s been a bucket list item of mine for years. I’ve enjoyed it the last couple of weeks but now it’s time for someone else I enjoy it. This guitar is in great shape for it's age and plays great. It has an ebony fingerboard. A trio of ‘57 Classic pickups and a '60s neck. There are a couple of...
  15. flamesarewicked

    NGD: 2006 Gibson CS ‘61 Les Paul/SG Custom

    Technically it came in Thursday of this week but anyhow.. after selling a couple of LPs recently I had in mind to give a R9 a shot again. Couldn’t really find one that caught my interest. I stumbled across this and thought that.. I’ve always wanted one of these and the time was never right. As...
  16. flamesarewicked

    WTB: Gibson Historic SG case black/burgundy interior

    Im looking for the older LP/SG reissue case.. black outer with the wine/burgundy interior.. the cleaner the better but it doesn’t have to be pristine.. I’m bidding on one through eBay but I’d rather just buy one outright than to wait on it.. if I can help it.. Basically one like this...the...
  17. flamesarewicked

    Gibson to buy Mesa Boogie?

    A friend of mine messaged me saying Gibson is supposedly gonna buy Mesa Boogie. Ryan “Fluff” Bruce has leaked a little bit on it on Twitter. I don’t really do the Twitter thing but I looked into it anyhow.. Even though more often than not that brand is associated with alternative, hard rock...
  18. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: CME T-Type Pickups

    These are the T Top clones that come in the CME model SG. As far as I know they aren’t available outside of buying the guitar. I was gonna save these for a future guitar but decided to move them.. $220 shipped/ppd to the lower 48 states..
  19. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T - Heritage Cherry Sunburst - Amazing top!

    I picked this up for my main fiddle a while back and it’s been a good one. Since I’m selling the R8 I picked up it got me thinking of selling this too to pickup a R9... the pickups are the stock BB pros. The PCB has been swapped to traditional wiring as most people end up doing. The frets are in...
  20. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2005 Gibson Les Paul R8 Washed Cherry

    I picked this up in trade for an amp I had for sale. I wanted a straight up sale but I decided to give this a test drive. Overall it’s in clean shape definitely has been played. There’s dimples and bumps primarily on the back of the body. The neck is chunky.. a little too chunky for me probably...

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