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  1. filtersweep

    So i ordered up a Mustang Mach-E.

    You can easily say the same thing about ICE vehicles- how the infrastructure is in place, how the industry is subsidized, how automakers have been bailed out, how protective tarrifs have been imposed…. how the oil industry dismantled public transportation in the 50s, how urban planning has been...
  2. filtersweep

    So i ordered up a Mustang Mach-E.

    LOL- forced? Forced by whom? They have a choice. Ever driven an electric? They are cool as hell.
  3. filtersweep

    So i ordered up a Mustang Mach-E.

    My neighbor just bought one-- same time we went with an electric Audi- needed more of an SUV type. If you can get past the name, it is a pretty awesome car. The new Ionic 5 is also pretty cool-- been in a few of those. Nice to see Ford is accepting the future. Chevy as that POS that will...
  4. filtersweep

    Well, this is the world we live in now, folks...

    I dunno... people said the same thing about 'boomers.' This stuff has always been going on, it is just that now, it is recorded, uploaded, and available for the world to view.
  5. filtersweep

    There's almost no bigger NOPE than this. She's high.

    I have often flown Emirates. I imagine their flight attendants come from god-knows-where, and working there is a dream job that pays great relative to wages ‘back home.’ None are Emirati citizens. Half their pilots sound like they are from Dallas. The other half Manchester.
  6. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    I like them. Loads of pockets, i get treated better no matter what I am doing. I don’t need to think about what to wear.
  7. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    I saw some dude in the beach at Tenerife with a single tattoo— his entire neck and throat— all the way around— nothing else. Who starts there!?!?
  8. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    I seriously wonder who actually watches 'TV commercials' in 2021. My kids watch ZERO broadcast TV. They watch plenty of youtube, or they use smart TV streaming apps. But commercials are non-existent, unless we are watching live sports.... which in our home is mainly soccer, and the...
  9. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    Most fat people don’t become fat in order to call attention to themselves. Getting a facial tattoo is done to make a statement. Obesity is something quite different. There is a big difference between a tramp stamp and a facial tattoo. I have a good deal of ink below the neck. I understand...
  10. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    This is one of the actual photos from the article--- not of Lucifer. Just pointing out they are not as extreme as some of the photos in this thread. This woman is a single mother of two. Even if she is well-adjusted, I'd regard these tattoos as some sort of warning sign.
  11. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    The local Sunday newspaper magazine profiled some people with face and neck tattoos. One guy not only heavily tattooed his face, neck, and hands, but legally changed his name to 'Lucifer.' His profession was listed as 'unemployed.' I might sound old-fashioned or judgmental, but is anyone...
  12. filtersweep

    2010 50's LP / P90's - why so cheap?

    It is a Tribute. I have a honey burst with P90s that I paid $500 for- used- 2011 model. The gold tops are more rare and sought after, but I do not find your price to be ‘cheap.’
  13. filtersweep

    Japan Vs US

    I believe it is similar in Europe. At least where I live and what I’ve seen. Dealers stock relatively few American guitars, as we import everything regardless. The ‘buy American’ attitude isn’t a thing here. The dealer stock of Gibson is consistently excellent. A bad guitar simply won’t sell...
  14. filtersweep

    How do you say shut up....

    Pro life tip. If you are the ‘organizer’ of a Teams meeting, you can just mute whoever you want, whenever you want. COVID19 aint all bad!
  15. filtersweep

    How do you say shut up....

    I once asked a coworker to please use her ‘indoor voice.’ I had a meeting shortly thereafter, with HR. Your mileage may vary.
  16. filtersweep

    Christie McVie songs make me want to jump off a building...

    Nicks in her prime was a goddess— and you can hate on her or the band all you want, but Rumours at +40M sold?!? Someone liked it.
  17. filtersweep

    Life Shows No Mercy

    At least Crocs cover man toes.
  18. filtersweep

    ESP LTD ECs - any good?

    Lets be realistic- the nut widths differ by 1 mm. With cimparing to a Gibson with nibs, I’d argue the EC has more playable width. The thickness is a different story. Quality is great- but the horn and inlays are not to my tastes. The pickups are voiced quite different from most Gibsons. I’d...
  19. filtersweep

    No-mod trem bar recommendation for LP/SG?

    My unasked for two cents: there are loads of guitars with trems. Adding a trem will really change the character of your guitar. For the price of a non-invasive retrofit, you could buy a decent used Korean guitar that already has one.
  20. filtersweep

    Selling/Buying Advice + Avoiding Scams

    Have you placed a specific 'wanted to buy' ad? I captured an awesome R8 this way--- a lazy, low-effort sale for someone. I specified the year range, finish, and even price. The seller doesn't even need to do anything. Of course, this is for local sales--- I would never have a guitar shipped...

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