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  1. Big electric cat

    Playing some blues with my friends! Gibson 335 fat Neck Historic '59

    Found this video of me from 2012 on the internet today. A hot summer night so I decided to go to my friends "open mic" and play my 335. This is from 2012 and I have no idea what amp or pedals I'm playing. The Made in Memphis Historic fat neck is completely stock. It has a little bit bigger neck...
  2. Big electric cat

    Bare Knuckle Mules.

    I've had this Les Paul for 41 years. My Dad took me to 48th st in Manhattan back in June of 1980 and said get whatever you want. So I chose this 1980 Gibson Heritage Elite. Over the last 40 something years I've played this guitar so much it looks like a Super heavy relic guitar. It's never been...
  3. Big electric cat

    Playing a real deal 1959 Les Paul.

    My good friend turned me onto Well Strung Guitars located at 439 main st Farmingdale New York. The owner Dave Davidson couldn't have been any nicer to me as I stood in the middle of the show room and hyperventilated over the 200 or so guitars I was looking at. I've been playing guitar for 46...
  4. Big electric cat

    Do plain tops, gold tops really sound better than flame tops?

    Is it true? Do plain tops or gold tops sound better than a flame top? I'm just curious what your thoughts are.
  5. Big electric cat

    My new Gretsch Casino Gold Penguin G6134T

    Gretsch G6134 Casino Gold Penguin A Xmas gift from my fiancee. The guitar is beautiful and sounds phenomenal!
  6. Big electric cat

    48th st in NYC is long gone. Did you ever buy from Mannys?

    I musta bought a dozen guitars there in the 80s and 90s Great memories hanging out on 48th st.
  7. Big electric cat

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    MY 1996 Les Paul 56 with Lollar P90s. No pedal board on this gig. I do however have a Caitlinbread Echorec in the effects loop. Ice tea by Dunkin Donuts. This guitar weighs just under 8lbs. She can scream and purr like a Mountain Lion. This is the guitar I play when I want to have fun. Nice...

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