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    Anyone looking to move one?
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    Really clean 2008 R9. Some minor surface swirls and so forth but overall excellent shape. The guitar does not have original pickups. These are SD Antiquities. Bridge is 8.12k and neck is 7.40k. They sound fantastic. I do not have the BB's. Weight is 8 lbs 7 oz. Nice and light feeling with...
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    Historic Pickups - Stock or Swap

    Do you keep it stock or drop those boutique pickups in? And is it to fix a "tone issue" or to maximize tone? I tend to find myself, even with a great sounding guitar, wondering if it would be even better with new electronics. I'm trying to resist the urge currently. Have you ever swapped out...
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    Quilter Tone Block 202 - A Bedroom Review

    I've had the Tone Block 202 and Dock Block 12 HD for a little while now. I wanted to spend quite a bit of time with this setup before writing a review. Knock the shine off a bit first. The problem is it just keeps getting better and shinier so here goes. I'm using this as a low volume amp. It's...
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    Awesome case! This makes a great addition to any aged burst style LP. 600 bucks firm, shipped PP friends and family.
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    Like new 2018 R9 with Brazilian fretboard in Crimson Burst. Stunning guitar that plays wonderfully. It has a full, meaty tone with great clarity at the top end on both pickups. No mud here at all. 9.0 lbs even or slightly under. Great weight and balance. Neck is in-between and copied from a...
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    Nothing to see here.
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    Considering the idea of moving this one down the line. It's a 2012 R8 with the full package HM job including part shading (Bigsby included but not installed) and light aging. Otherwise full RDS package including Braz board (dark and slick), Royalite binding, neck recarve, top re-carve, etc and...
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    Build-a-burst, Hotlanta, etc Beautiful early work from Atlanta based luthier known for killer 59's. Hardware is (if memory serves) Pigtail bridge and tailpiece. Tuners are Gibson historic with HM Retrospec buttons. 6/6 Nylon nut. Plastics are a mix. Knobs are retrospec. I can't remember on...
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    I'm offering this stunner for sale. 2001 saw very few 59's due to difficulty sourcing maple (as I understand it). Fewer were Murphy aged models. This one does not fall into the rumored 9 1250 and up Braz run. The guitar has the original 57 classics and harness included but is currently...
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    Murphy Lab

    Got an in-hand sneak peak at the Murphy Lab guitars tonight. Viewed Light, Heavy, Ultra-Heavy aged models. Very impressed. Wasn't expecting to be. I'll add to this once I can say more.
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    Not for sale.

    Going a different direction, looking to sell this. Super clean and incredible sounding 50W Plexi Handwired amp. Probably the best of it's kind that I've owned. This one includes dual "wife knobs" AKA killer master volumes. Whisper quiet with full gain and drive sound. It has an 80's switch...
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    Perfect, like new condition. I just don't have much use for it, as it happens. Wonderful attenuator and comes complete with amazing cabinet and mic modelling. I suppose if you're looking you know what these are. 1000.00 shipped. Firm pricing. Ships in original box with everything included.
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    Hated songs by great bands?

    You love the band but as soon as you hear this track it makes you physically angry. For example: Beatles - Love Me Do Led Zep - Four Sticks Whatcha got? Sorry if this thread already exists I couldn't find it.
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    Includes Head with slipcover, 2x10 matching cabinet (finger joined pine with Jupiter condenser LC10 ceramic speakers) with cover, 2 footswitches, power cable, and manual. The Skillman is different in that it omits the overdrive channel in favor of dedicated blackface and tweed channels. Both...
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    WTB - Wayne Kramer Strat

    Looking for a Fender Wayne Kramer Stratocaster.

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