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  1. J50315

    Collectors Choice #2 Goldie

    I’m in the process of working out a deal to get one of these. Who here still owns one of them? You still liking it all these years later? Post up your pics.
  2. J50315

    2021 Gibson Les Paul Jerry Cantrell Wino $9350

    I bought 2 of these and there’s another guitar I found so am looking to sell one of these to fund the purchase. Murphy lab aged and signed. This is right around 9.5 pounds. As new, no issues. Looking for $9350 PayPal shipped. NO TRADES!! Feel free to pm or text me 515-783-6800. Joe
  3. J50315

    Jerry Cantrell custom shop “wino” Les Paul/NGD X2

    Just ordered one. Anyone else here placed a preorder on one? The build sheet I was provided looks pretty interesting. Pics to follow in the coming weeks.
  4. J50315

    2003 braz R7 sold

    Overall good condition for an 18 year old guitar. Has some buckle rash and a few dings throughout. All stock except for the grovers (stock klusons included). Sorry but I don’t have the exact weight or neck measurements. Sold
  5. J50315


    This is a late '73 so it is the PCB version. Runs off 6550's. Very clean overall, no holes drilled in the chassis or major tolex wear. I had an issue where I was getting intermittent static so my amp tech replaced a couple caps/resistors and gave it a once over and its ready to go, just got it...
  6. J50315

    1997 R8 Great White Buffalo (no longer available)

    I bought this guitar just a couple weeks ago off a fellow forum member and it's pretty well documented on the forum if you search it. I have owned a lot of Les Pauls over the years and this is by far the BEST sounding one that I have ever played. With all that being said, I have the opportunity...
  7. J50315

    1979 Marshall JMP 100 watt sold

    Tolex is in mint condition, the only cosmetic imperfection I can find is a small crack on one of the plastic corner pieces. This has the Randy Rhoads one wire mod which cascades the preamp giving more gain when plugged into the top right input. I had a master volume installed on the back but...
  8. J50315

    Incoming NAD: 1970 Marshall Dave Friedman/Eddie Van Halen Tribute Amp

    Super stoked about this one! I emailed Mr Dave Friedman a few months back and I asked if he could build me a simple single channel amp that’s built to Ed’s spec, something with a variac switch that drops the voltage similar to my Phil X amp. He said he would but it would be a few months before...
  9. J50315

    NGD 1997 R8 Great White Buffalo

    This guitar has some history on the forum and I’m fortunate enough to be the new and permanent owner. I’ll start by saying I’ve had a ton of reissues including collectors choice, guitars from the 2003 braz run, Tom Murphy stuff, Yamano etc and this guitar takes the cake. The OTPG pickups are...
  10. J50315

    2001 Gibson Les Paul R8 sold

    Very nice and great sounding early 2000s reissue. Huge top on this one. I have owned lots of reissues and this is a really good one. I have another Les Paul project going right now so I need to sell this one to fund the project. Has Tyson Tone pickups in it. The guitar has been played a lot...
  11. J50315

    1996 Wizard Modern Classic sold

    100 watts running off EL34s, identical amp to the one James Hetfield used in some of the 90s Metallica albums. I just had it serviced and it’s ready to go and sounds awesome. It does have a few nicks/dings in the tolex as you would expect from a 25 year old amp. Worth mentioning- these older...
  12. J50315

    NAD- Wizard Modern Classic

    Picked up this 1996 Wizard recently and I will say it’s one of the most incredible sounding amps I’ve played. Apparently it’s an identical amp to the one James Hetfield used. It’s sort of a cross between a Marshall and my old SLO with a beautiful clean channel- at least to my ears. Any love for...
  13. J50315

    NGD- Jimmy Page Les Paul custom

    I’ve always liked this run from 2008 but it has been nearly impossible to find one with a stopbar tailpiece. Had the opportunity to jump on one recently so I pulled the trigger. Has the original strings and about 2 inches of dust on it. Anyone had one of these?
  14. J50315

    What brand of pickups are these?

    These came in a reissue I bought and are the best I’ve ever heard. Any clue what they are? Sorry the pics aren’t that great. Thanks
  15. J50315


  16. J50315

    2019 Murphy painted 1990's burst R9 sold

    This was a limited run based off the 1990's big top R9's that Tom Murphy painted. It is not labeled a "60th anniversary" but it has all the 60th anniversary appointments on it. I bought it new and have played it twice at home since I purchased it. I have several other Les Paul's right now and...
  17. J50315

    NAD 1979 Marshall JMP buyback

    I bought this MINT old JMP off the original owner last year and was in love with it. The original owner was a big Randy Rhoads fan so he had the one wire mod done to it back in the 80s. I had 5 other 100 watt heads at the time so I sold a few of them off including this one and have always...
  18. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    So I’m pretty stoked about this one, I’ve had all the amps in the Friedman line but wasn’t able to get one before they sold out a couple months ago. I spoke with the man himself and I am actually going to be getting serial number 1 in the line. Anyone here got one? Can’t wait to run it in stereo...
  19. J50315

    NGD: Tom Murphy painted 90’s burst

    First off I want to thank Kurt at House of Guitars for this one. I have had my eye on this particular R9 for a few months and decided to pull the trigger. I got in a bad motocross crash a few weeks ago and I will be laid up for about a year so I thought a new reissue would help the time pass...
  20. J50315

    WTB 2006 R7 All Mahogany

    As the title says. I believe there were 25 made for the Yamano Japanese market and I owned one but regretfully sold it. If anyone happens to have one near serial number - 7 6739 and would be willing to sell it please let me know. I have attached pics of the one I owned. Thank you!

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