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  1. DavGrape

    Whot 'edding is that Pay It Forward Section Under?

    Otherwise, backstagers, first 3 personal messages I get will get a set of Rev. Willy's 7 gauge strings. Send me you address, I mail you. No prob. I will never use them. You will think they are hilarious. You can't even SEE the high E. Hahaha!.
  2. DavGrape

    Is it wrong for a man to cry?

    I sure do. Beautiful Music makes me. Lost love certainly makes me. It can't be wrong.
  3. DavGrape

    Give Me Your Similes.

    "Noisy as an empty wagon on a frozen road." "Dumb as a door knob." That kind of thing.
  4. DavGrape

    No One Else Must Die.

    I'm tired of it. Stop it.
  5. DavGrape

    I'm a 58 Year Old Punk Rocker.

    It don't make no sense.
  6. DavGrape

    I Am At the Leading Edge of Time.

    No one has ever been here before. We are here.
  7. DavGrape

    I Am a Stupid Dipshit.

    I just am. I admit it. I am one dumb mother-fucker. I do not know why. That's how dumb I am.
  8. DavGrape


    Don't worry about aging, guys. It doesn't go away. It will plague thee forever.
  9. DavGrape

    It's Colder Than a Witch's Elbow.

    South-east Michigan, anyway. You can't do anything outside. 40 seconds out there, and it's pain. I don't see how they live in North Dakota.
  10. DavGrape

    I Want To Fist Fight You.

    Cuz You Suck, You Puss. I will take you out.
  11. DavGrape

    I LOVE wearing her underwear.

    I just do. But only after it has been on her. I don't know why, either.
  12. DavGrape

    Your Favorite Christmas Song

    O Holy Night. Easy answer.
  13. DavGrape

    When I Sexually Harass Women At Work...

    I end up with a girlfriend.
  14. DavGrape

    Band Name Ideas #4

    Mustard Fang Yellow Microdot Laggspike
  15. DavGrape

    My One Passion is Girls & Guitars.

    I cannot exist without them. Did you notice the subtle irony in the thread title?
  16. DavGrape

    ELP Fans...You Gonna Love This

  17. DavGrape

    Struck Blind, or Made Deaf?

    Your choice. After a couple pages, I will post my own response.
  18. DavGrape

    WINDY in Southeast Michigan

    Outer edges of Harvey. Holy smokes, the power.
  19. DavGrape

    Don't Listen To Me Practice

    I've always had a problem, with parents (as a teen) and friends (but only the girls, dudes just rip on you no matter what you're doing); of hearing me practice. Don't listen to me practice. Don't listen to me practice. I always hear the same thing. "Sounds good." Bullshit. I ain't nowhere close...
  20. DavGrape

    In Today's Society....

    I work at a busy retail store. I hear someone say "Fudge" Or "heck". I want to hug them.

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