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  1. lpfan1980

    Got Real Klusons on my 1950s Mexican Stratocaster its been a week and cant put it down.

    Had knockoffs so I spurged and now I get all sorts of glassy sounding Vintage goodness!
  2. lpfan1980


    There is 4 feet of snow outside and there is a young fly bouncing around my room -my house is clean WTF 2020 WHY WONT YOU LEEEAVVE :laugh2: :iough::run::D
  3. lpfan1980

    Got a new toy for Christmas!

    Ive always wanted a Martin since I started playing .I hinted at getting one for Christmas really not expecting one.Well the family chipped in and got me an LX1 travel guitar It puts My other accoustics to shame and comes with a sweet embroidered gig bag so much fun gonna save up and get a full...
  4. lpfan1980

    A cool surprise!

    I played my bass today Using my little Rocker pawnshop amp-I know its ok to put a six string into a bass amp[not vice versa]. So for poops and giggles I plugged my Gibson LP $3000 bucks into this little amp $55 bucks -holy crap it sounded really good! anybody else have an experience like this?
  5. lpfan1980

    Do VOX AC4TV amps have that classic sound?

    Ive always wanted a VOX and a tube amp and found this little guy for a very nice price online. Do they have that fuzzy warm sometimes haunting sound that the AC-30S AND 15 have even a little even if not ill buy it if its good regardless be so cool to have a tube amp in my little collection...
  6. lpfan1980

    Who enjoys switching between different guitars while practising?

    I enjoy playing different types of guitars while playing -switching between them- ie Starting with one of my LPs go to my Tele-then to one of my Strats etc play each for a few minutes-makes it more fun. Anyone else?
  7. lpfan1980

    Dale Hawerchuk great hockey player [1963-2020]

    He died of cancer today one oft he best hockey players of the 1980s and early 90s HOF rip :(
  8. lpfan1980

    Whats the bridge on an Epi LP called.

    While playing both my Epi & Gibson LPs today I thought of a dumb question-its not a Nashville bridge or ABR1 on an Epi is it just a generic bridge? Never thought of it before.
  9. lpfan1980

    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    I just spent an hour having a blast playing my Gibson old school nice and clean and it sounded so good.Its by far my most powerful guitar with 490s in it-she can roar yet playing her Les Paul 50s style is just too much fun-makes me sound like I know what im doing anyone else?
  10. lpfan1980

    New Squier " Fender" Stratocaster.

    Finally got a Sunburst Strat Its a Squier modded into a Fender and it plays and sounds beautifully-the seller was honest and i got it for cheap! Think I will call him Buddy after Buddy Holly! really pleased.
  11. lpfan1980

    2020 FENDER TELECASTER INCOMING excited muchly!!!!!

    Brand new Fender Tele incoming by end of April much excited. :dude: :dude::dude::D:D:D
  12. lpfan1980

    My Grover tuning key exploded!

    My 2006 Gibson LP is with my luthier guy because one of the metal peg exploded out while I was restringing it! Has that happened before to anyone.Metal Fatigue too many winds?Anyway the Grover set that was on is no longer made. So regular ones need putting on, he had no single key replacement...
  13. lpfan1980

    Sorry for being an idiot last week.

    I hope i did not hurt anyone with my blatherings last weekend chalk it up to beer flu meds and stupidity-I AM GLAD I AM ON THIS FORUM-and am appreciative to remain here thx to LT.DAVE and others for seeing that wasnt truly me.
  14. lpfan1980

    New amp day!

    I was at my local store and saw A little amp on sale-a Marshall mg15 gold/ Cant wait to try my Lester on it-all ive had was my Line 6 that my buddy gave to me. And not too heavy either I like Marshalls!
  15. lpfan1980

    Happy 74th Birthday to Led Zeppelins JOHN PAUL JONES!

    Happy B-day:dude:
  16. lpfan1980

    Another NGVD 1960s Harmony Airline

    Wonderful wooden sound /solid build a little buzzy but since I tuned her up cant stop playing her.Lots of vintage stains dings and bumps SO COOL :D :D:drool::dude:
  17. lpfan1980

    NVGD norm my smelly 5 stringed 1960s classical guitar is here

    I have dabbled in the vintage guitar realm by adding this pretty[no joke] little classical guitar to my collection.It is a japanese NORMA CG-100 [teisco] mid 60s guitar and despite having a missing tuning gear it sounds cool and stinks to high heaven of moth balls.Its very light with a steel...
  18. lpfan1980

    NVGD incoming-1960s Norma cg 100 classical

    I just bought my first vintage guitar! Ive wanted a 1960's guitar as I love vintages! Well I found one at a good price and my Christmas treat is gonna be here by Nov 18 WITH SWEET VINTAGE CASE! So exited im a gonna poo/a real hippie folk guitar which looks like a Martin !As soon as she gets here...
  19. lpfan1980


    Be sure to thank these individuals for ths opportunity that occured this day October 29th 1969-thanks Al !!!!

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