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  1. Christosterone

    NAD: Whacky Amp for Les Pauls

    Got a new amp for Father’s Day... I wanted one that would be a bit different than usual les Paul fare... The Vox mini superbeetle is whacky fun with a les Paul...and with my lp recording, u can barely tell it’s a Lester... anyhow, consider me a fan...this is my first and will not be my last...
  2. Christosterone

    NGD: My Magnum Opus

    disclaimer: I am not a luthier or woodworker...this was a blast Ok...this all started with me listening to sloop John B about 11 months ago... The 12 string blew my was a fender electric wilson played an epiphone 12 I ordered a fender Xii neck from ebay which is kinda...
  3. Christosterone

    One of my favorites dead at 81

    Kenny Rogers died yesterday... He often had les Paul’s in his music and a 335 for his commodore backed songs... First edition used a tele and les Paul for the below recoding.... he had a massive collection of stand up basses, guitars, and conventional bass guitars... dude was nails...from...
  4. Christosterone

    Pictures of new build help

    I’ve been working on a “build” for almost 8 months...but the site no longer allows me to upload pictures... i have no memberships on any site other than mylespaul... no facebook, Twitter, etc... where/how can I upload pics [when Im done next week] to show them on mlp? thanks for the help :h5...
  5. Christosterone

    Is Gibson Reading My Mind?

    Our than not having a bigsby, this is right out of my [crazy] brain.. :wow: If only the one wasn’t in front of the 3 on the price, I’d own it...
  6. Christosterone

    Who has the Blues: Post em

    I wanted an 18 classic blue with p90s but got a GT... Hoping to see some blue classics and blueberry bursts in this thread... 2018 cobalt blue standard...stratosphere body with routed middle pup... 50s wiring -Chris
  7. Christosterone

    Who are you to MLP

    simple topic and thought it would be fun... When u think of other MLPers, what image comes out?? Nothing mean funny, not rude :) For @Christosterone , it’s probably: Or Or Or -Chris
  8. Christosterone

    NCGD - New Christmas Guitar Day

    well, I’d never seen one of these until joining MLP..... I like new and looked almost a year for a 1970-72 in perfect condition...couldn’t find one @mudface or @cherrysunburst00 told me about the 2012 reissue... Found an unopened one still with the plastic over the pick guard... The case...
  9. Christosterone


    There are no words...soooo -Chris
  10. Christosterone

    Still can’t find a perfect LP Recording

    as most on here know, I tend to buy new...exclusively.. But i really want a recording and have been trying to find one in mint condition with then mini block inlays and diamond headstock... To no avail...they’ve all been heavily played/modified or missing the above requirements... Does anyone...
  11. Christosterone

    NDG: 2018 Standard Cobalt Blue (Goldified)

    2018 Standard Cobalt Blue from Stratosphere Routed a 3rd pickup cavity 490r/490r/498 Bigsby B5 (obviously) Nashville Grover locking tuners Using push/pull to engage middle pup at present but am re-wiring it to 50s spec.. She is stunning Will take more pics later. Thanks to Bryant at Charley’s...
  12. Christosterone

    NGD: 2018 Classic Player Plus

    ok...this is a new one inspiration wise I was reading this book: And it came to me that I would like to pay tribute to a lost culture...the Comanches For 6/7 generations, a Christosterone has lived in Texas...specifically in the comancheria on the llano estacado... Which is west Texas and the...
  13. Christosterone

    NBD: New Bigsby Day

    Well, I tried to resist putting one on my Christmas 2018 classic Goldie... But, alas, I am weak when it comes to bigsbies... It would’ve been on a few weeks ago but I tried a foreign model and the third screw was off line to the vibramate by a 1/2”...not a few mm but a friggin half inch...
  14. Christosterone

    Show Off Your Copper Tops

    I’m VERY curious about copper tops.. Can those who own them or have in the past post pics and tell me about them... -Chri
  15. Christosterone

    Talk me out of this

    ok, who has this or has seen it in person? The bound, flamed back is bananas.... Ugh, what to do -Chris
  16. Christosterone

    Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show

    what is your favorite super bowl halftime show? To me, it’s not even close -Chris
  17. Christosterone

    NGD: 2018 Goldie Classic

    wife: “Chris, how many gold guitars do you need?” Me: “All of them” Fact 1: classics are my favorite model Fact 2: my taste is just this side of Liberace Fact 3: holy crap, an affordable goldtop with p90s and binding I bought this 2018 Goldtop Classic the day they went on sale at Sweetwater...
  18. Christosterone

    An ode to Jerry Cantrell’s Customs

    I am a huge Alice In Chains fan.. I loved their lyrics and one song, in particular, always stuck with me: Down in A Hole To me, it was Alice’s “estranged” or “fade to black”...a song of total bleakness where death was a suitable alternative...we’ve all been there...and Cantrell wrote
  19. Christosterone

    Les Paul Ultima or Tree of Life Owners

    I don’t own one and doubt I ever will... But wonder about them every time one pops up... This one is gorgeous... To those who own or have played, what do y’all think...
  20. Christosterone

    Help: I’ve Got Les Paul Recording Fever

    So I’m the 70s Paul recordings were on my bucket list... Unfortunately I onLy buy new or floor model/blemished... Anyone have a 2014 Recording and/or 1970s(preferred 1974 for personal reasons) y’all can tell me about? What are your thoughts compared to the 70s models? I’m currently looking...

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