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  1. Kris Ford

    NAVY Vets! NEX online shopping priveleges! "VOSB is the Veterans Online Shopping Benefit. This benefit offers honorably discharged service members the ability to shop via any of the military exchanges’ online sites including This benefit is for online shopping only, does...
  2. Kris Ford

    Seymour Duncan JB/JAZZ set, 100 shipped, Lightly used!

    Will get pics soon! A new set sells for $145 that I can see, I will do 100 shipped firm.
  3. Kris Ford

    New 1990 V Day!

    Like literally an hour ago! Should be here mid week. 1990! Early for these Vs, I haven't played a bad one yet... Big ass coffee table case..I've lugged a few Explorers and Firebirds in these things..glad I'm not gigging LOL! A nice and sweetly priced welcoming present back to playing more...
  4. Kris Ford

    Happy B-day USMC!

    From an old squid..happy birthday you Devil Dogs! :D (ours was LAST month :naughty:)
  5. Kris Ford

    MLP Veterans Thread

    As not to clog up the firearms thread, I wanted to post a place where MLP vets could come and share stories, pics, memes, anecdotes, ANYTHING vet related. I'll start! I can be honest about my service...I was no SEAL, or EOD..or anything. Just a sailor. I went in with no A School (thanks...
  6. Kris Ford

    Leslie West MOUNTAIN tone!!

  7. Kris Ford


  8. Kris Ford

    DS-1 Love!!

    Only a DS-1 can does what it does, love it or hate it..this is for those who love it!! I had been without one, and was using SD-1..but gotta say..I LOVE the hair it puts on my '74 (modded) Super Bass..mine is new and not shrill at all..on 2203 can be if tone is up too high..(I wonder if the fact...
  9. Kris Ford

    I Might Just HAVE to get these.

    Fo my 70's Classic! ...or one of them anyways...
  10. Kris Ford


    Incoming! Actually lay-a-way.. Better yet, E Series MIJ. Gotta be a '84-'87..E8 isn't 1988..)sounded killer, so I had to put it on lay a way. When I take it home, I will look for the date on the neck, or with the pickguard off.. Odd that it has the heel truss adjust..most pics I see show...
  11. Kris Ford

    NGD..70's Style!!

    '02 70's Classic, in black, with rosewood '03 has a buddy now! It had the tuxedo look going on..the black pickup covers, knobs and tip..but if it isn't a 1981 International Colors series..(which REALLY thought it was for a split second!), or a Blackmore sig (I attribute that look to...
  12. Kris Ford

    Trem bar on Strat tremelo

    Ok, I know this might make me sound like Eric Johnson (whom I'm not a fan of), but has anyone noticed ANY tonal change with the trem bar screwed in? Technically, it IS extra mass...:hmm: But not at all saying good or bad, just any change..I THOUGHT I may have noticed something positive when the...
  13. Kris Ford

    HELP! WTB 2 Fender Pure Vintage NYLON string tree bushings

    Anyone have 2 NYLON pure vintage bushings they'd be willing to part with? 10 bucks ish? Just need two Nylon bushings! Thanks!
  14. Kris Ford

    Stratosphere pickguards..any reason NOT to use one?

    Anyone ever use/try these out..NOT the pull-offs, but Stratosphere house brand. I even like this one, for a '59 look with a maple neck...
  15. Kris Ford

    FS: '69-mid '75 Deluxe Truss Rod Cover! 50 bucks!

    '69-early '75 Deluxe TRC, 3 ply, sharp bevel, in great vintage condtition..perfect for that resto! Why buy a repro when you can have the real deal for cheaper? $50 shipped (to CONUS, int'l buyers pay shipping) FIRM, grab this QUICK..
  16. Kris Ford

    Choose your weapon!

  17. Kris Ford

    Creamtone '61 SG pickguard/Historic Les Paul TRC

    LIKE NEW!! TRC is SOLD! Lets do $30 for the guard. Free shipping to CONUS, int'l buyers pay actual shipping. Dress up that SG!
  18. Kris Ford

    Vinatge knob BLOWOUT!!

    Pulling out the big dogs for this sale..:cool: 1962 gold reflectors..near mint..$240 1963 black reflectors, near mint..$225 1968 Witchhat set..$200 1974 SG speed knobs..$120 1978 LP speed knobs..$100 Prices are SHIPPED to CONUS, int'l buyers pay actual shipping..possible discounts on...
  19. Kris Ford

    FT/FS: '08 ROADWORN 50's STRAT!

    Straight up sale for $650 SHIPPED to CONUS! PPG is cool with me! But interested in trade mainly..let's talk! OK, if there might be any interest here in a trade..I have a first year '08 Fender Roadworn 50's Strat, that I'd trade straight up for 70's Classic anything BUT Natural (I...
  20. Kris Ford

    New Strat Day!

    '08 50's Roadworn, with a new 57 RI guard. TexMex pickups are nasty and neck one KILLS it..has that trademark Stratty flutey/hollow tone!! Has a sweet '57 vibe to it! This is a real '57: IRONICALLY, I have ANOTHER New Strat day to post, I will have it Tuesday, this one just sorta...

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