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  1. 519tbarr

    Pickguard replacement for current USA LP Standards - Original Collection

    Hello MLP forum members Does anyone know a good replacement pickguard option for the current 2019-2020 Original Collection LP Standards? That would be a direct replacement? I really dislike the pickguard's these guitars came with with the beveled edge - probably one of my only major complaints...
  2. 519tbarr

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's - Dimazrio PAF 59

    I have been waiting a very long time to finally get these pickups installed in my 2019 Les Paul Standard 60's. In all honesty I have no clue what they sound like as life has been super busy. But I finally had time to get these installed this week. I must admit #Dimarzio has done a super poor...
  3. 519tbarr

    NGD - 60's Les Paul Standard - Bourbon Burst

    It has been a while since I posted an NGD here at my favourite forum. This is semi-new as I had sold through a few guitars for various reasons and stumbled upon this gem of a LP. It's a new Les Paul Standard 60's in Bourbon Burst. As soon as I tried it in the music store the neck immediately...
  4. 519tbarr

    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissues still not available in Canada

    Its almost May 2019. Still at our national retailer Long & McQuade (Canada) and they have yet to even put details on their website about the 2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissue lineup. Gibson's old stock on the L&M website has been depreciating significantly during April Gibson month. As of this...
  5. 519tbarr


    Have to say I've been looking forward to hearing a demo of one of the new 2019 Les Paul Custom's with the Ebony Fingerboard! From Peach Guitars in the UK. Those old 498 and 490 combo pickups sound like good old 80's early 90's rock n roll to me. Enjoy the watch!
  6. 519tbarr

    A 2019 - 58 Reissue video for your delight.

    Another new Wildwood video - this time a 58 reissue in Lemon Burst - new for 2019. Nice to see videos of these rolling out. For the Canucks in this room - L&M still doesn't even have info posted on...
  7. 519tbarr

    New 2019 1960 Reissue - Wildwood Video

    If people haven't seen this yet - here's a good quality video of the new 1960 2019 Les Paul reissue in Washed Cherry. It's the first time I have heard the new unpotted Custom Buckers in action. Nice guitar. Enjoy the listen...
  8. 519tbarr

    2019 - 1958 Reissue - Washed Cherry Sunburst?

    Maybe it's me - but the new version of Washed Cherry Sunburst 1958 reissue seems to be sitting with me the wrong way. I have two washed cherry R8's but the hue of these new 2019's has a weird Red Orangey Yellow - not vibrant looking red to it. Maybe it's the photo - but Wildwood usually takes...
  9. 519tbarr

    60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Looks like our new forum member Mat & Custom Shop specialist talked with "GUITAR" more in depth about the 60th anniversary 1959 Les Paul Reissue. Owning 2 R8 reissues - it will be interesting to see how the unpotted custom buckers sound next to the one's we are familiar with and if the new...
  10. 519tbarr

    The Les Paul Custom is back!!! - Black Beauty 2019 - EBONY fingerboard returns!!!

    Finally!!! When I was a kid I absolutely loved the Les Paul Custom - Black Beauty. The standard old black beauty that was always available with an ebony fingerboard. I was just watching the new Anderton's video and the Gibson Rep says Ebony has returned to these guitars! That excites me...
  11. 519tbarr

    It's Official - a new 2019 Les Paul Standard! Pic included!

    Seems that Slash gave us the first hint. But here's a picture from the Facebook page of Gibson. Seem's we are getting a new revised Les Paul Standard from the USA shop. Look forward to seeing what the specs are on these! Or if they have just done away with the Standard vs Traditional moniker...
  12. 519tbarr

    ABR question - applies to original burst's & historics

    Just noticed something in a new video posted today on an original 59 burst and my mind started to wonder? I have not played a original burst so I can't speak to it - but I have played several current reissues. Did the original ABR bridges have insert posts? If you watch this video from Emerald...
  13. 519tbarr

    Gibson Website Updates

    It seems Gibson has updated their website at some point today. Missing - Custom Shop reissues & HP Standard (USA). Also some reclassification of models as you will see when you browse.
  14. 519tbarr

    Did anyone notice this on Slash's Instagram Page? 50's style Standard - NEW

    Claiming to be a new Les Paul Standard 50's style stock? On Slash's twitter feed/instagram. Looks like a modern day traditional with maybe a change in pickups? Maybe a sign of things to come in the USA lineup or a misquote?
  15. 519tbarr

    The suits have come to town @ Gibson I just was scanning though these new hired positions and reading their company back grounds. The suits have come to town. Hopefully they don't screw up Gibson too much. But there are a few too many...
  16. 519tbarr

    Gibson Deals - Yorkville Month - October 2018 - Canada

    For all the Canucks out here! Here is L&M's Yorkville month offering. Not super discounts but considering where regular retails are now on all Gibson stuff (thanks to our Dollar, NAFTA & speculative pricing on L&M's end.) The 2018 Classic is a reasonable buy.
  17. 519tbarr

    SMKC - Living The Dream - Disc landed in the mail today

    I will state it, I'm a Slash fan - I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea! So I got the new Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirator's record in the mail today. I heard all the leaked tracks on youtube that were released last week and my initial thought was - sounds like World On Fire (production...
  18. 519tbarr

    Henry J Years - under Gibson Les Paul forum

    I don’t think this has been suggested yet that I recall seeing but it may be getting time to have a separate section under Gibson Les Paul like Norlin Years titled Henry J Years for all the Gibson USA product. Maybe add the time era to that folder. This is merely a suggestion to the owners of...
  19. 519tbarr


    Just a couple tracks I found on my desktop while cleaning up and uploaded to soundcloud. One electric guitar and one piano/keyboard track. Enjoy.
  20. 519tbarr

    2019 USA LP's are starting to drop! Nice to see these popping up already. And interesting that the CLASSIC at least for wildwood comes in Heritage Cherry as that was not presented as a colour option at summer NAMM. The classic looks like a winner this...

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