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  1. musicmaniac

    Sheptone ?

    I don't know if this is the right place for this so I apologize if it isn't. Monday & Tuesday I got an email from Sheptone stating the following. "We’ve Got A Winner Congratulations ??? (you didn’t include your name but you did enter your email). You have been selected as this month’s winner...
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    Off the market!
  4. musicmaniac


    I'm looking to buy or trade for a blank truss rod cover and 4 pointers for my Les Paul. I've got some Gibson LP plastic, switch tips and some Epi parts to trade. Shoot me a message if you can help me out. Thanks
  5. musicmaniac


    I have a 90's Gibson Hard Shell Les Paul Case With Shroud for Sale. It's in excellent condition with only slight signs of use for a 20+ year old case. The only thing worth mentioning is it already has the combination lock set but comes with the original paperwork. You'll get that info when...
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  7. musicmaniac

    Marshall 5005 Lead 12 Combo For Sale

    I just picked up another lead combo and have decided to let this one go. It's been a great little amp and is still in great condition. Do a search and you'll see why these are so popular and revered. I'm asking $225 shipped to the lower 48 with excellent packing and insurance to guarantee your...
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  10. musicmaniac

    Brand New Vintage Style Wiring Harness For Sale

    I've got one brand new Rewind vintage style wiring harness for sale. It's got 50's wiring, top-quality correct vintage taper pots, and actual vintage Sprague Bumble Bee capacitors. I recently got this from James as part of his contest. Since I've already have a holy grail harness I decided to...
  11. musicmaniac

    I need help with a neck joint issue.

    Hello, first time in this forum though I'm a regular elsewhere. Anyways I hope this is the right spot to ask for help. I was out today and found a deal I couldn't resist. I got the guitar home took it apart cleaned it up and found this. My Photos Now the guitar plays fine and was setup...
  12. musicmaniac

    2012 Les Paul 50's Humbucker Tribute

    2012 Les Paul 50's Tribute with 490/498 pups and maple fretboard. This guitar is chambered and is very easy on the back and eyes. I have used this guitar primarily as a backup to my R7 and at practice. It has natural wear and artificial (I added a faux binding) wear. I'm asking $650 shipped with...
  13. musicmaniac

    Old guitar day!

    Since I can't get a new one, I thought I'd start a thread for us guys who are stuck with old faithful. Here's mine, what's yours?
  14. musicmaniac

    Les Paul HB Tribute and SG Special Limited Edition FSOT

    2012 Les Paul 50's Tribute with 490/498 pups and maple fretboard. This guitar is chambered and is very easy on the back and eyes. I have used this guitar primarily as a backup to my R7 and at practice. It has natural wear and artificial ( I added a faux binding) wear. It also has new CTS switch...
  15. musicmaniac

    Belated NGD

    I wanted to be sure I was keeping this guitar before I posted. Out of the box this Trad Pro was a looker and a pretty good player. It didn't need much adjusting to suit my needs and the overall quality and craftsmanship is very good. Here are a few of my observations. 1) The neck is somewhat...
  16. musicmaniac

    NPD with some questions.

    I just picked up another set of MHD pups and have a some questions for you guys. First off, I usually have my tech swap pups for me but I'd like to do it myself this time. I purchased a 30w soldering iron but don't know which type of solder to use. And I haven't soldered very much either. Since...
  17. musicmaniac

    Should I gig my low watt amp?

    I have a conundrum and hope to get your help. I've got an outdoor gig coming up where I'll be playing a set with some other bands. I usually would bring my Marshall 4010 and be done with it but I'd like to try something else this time. I've got a little Lead 12 combo that I use at practice...
  18. musicmaniac

    PRS people I need help!

    I've never owned a PRS and have the opportunity to finally get one. Would trading 2001 Gibson SG Special for a new PRS SE Custom Tremonti be a good trade? I have no idea what they go for used in mint condition but ne they're around $600-700 I guess. I've read good things about them and am...
  19. musicmaniac

    Schaller Strap Locks and Epi Parts For Sale

    The Strap and unpackaged strap locks are sold but I still have the following. I have one set of packaged genuine Schaller strap locks (no buttons). 2013 Epiphone Standard Pro parts - Amber knobs, potentionometers, nuts/washers, Switch w/tip, jack and ProBucker pickups. These came with a guitar...
  20. musicmaniac

    Can these be fixed?

    I recently picked up a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Plus and these pups (supposed to be Probuckers I think) were included. As you can see they cut the wiring super short. Is this worth fixing? Can I do it on my own? Also, when they took out the original pups and put aftermarket ones in...

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