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  1. Midnight Blues

    R.I.P. Bruce Conte Very sad. I was lucky enough to see him live. What a tastefully, soulful player. R.I.P. Bruce and thanks for the GREAT music and playing!
  2. Midnight Blues

    [PSA] Gibson Archtops

    FYI: I happened to setup an appointment with Gibson's "Virtual Guitar Tech Service" for this morning to ask question about the bridge on my WesMo L-5 and during the course of our conversation, I asked about Archtops and whether or not Gibson is producing them any more. The tech told me that...
  3. Midnight Blues

    Peter Frampton "The Phenix" Custom Shop Model

    Just finished watching this: Sounds like Gibson may be releasing "The Phenix" as a Custom Shop Model, over and above the original 35 they issued. :applause: :applause: :applause:
  4. Midnight Blues

    If 2020 Was A Guitar Chord

    I think it's an FU chord and it sounds quite dissonant.
  5. Midnight Blues

    New Album - Kim Mitchell!

    Might be old news, but: It's being released Nov. 13th. Just ordered mine from iTunes!
  6. Midnight Blues

    R.I.P. Rocco Prestia Very sad. He was a GREAT bass player and was equally as nice a guy. R.I.P. Rocco.
  7. Midnight Blues

    Peter Frampton's Home/Studio Tips

    I don't normally visit this Forum regularly, so I don't know of there are any or not, but I looked through around 50 pages for a "Sticky" where this would best be posted and didn't see one? In any event, I've been going through my old Guitar Player magazines, tearing-out lessons/articles that I...
  8. Midnight Blues

    R.I.P. Harold Mabern

    For those of you that are pianists and appreciate the art thereof, we lost one of the greatest Jazz pianists ever, Harold Mabern. (: With Wes in Belgium 1965: Here he is on playing with Wes: R.I.P. Harold and thank you for the great music!
  9. Midnight Blues

    Roger Fisher's Double-Neck Is For Sale

    Just received this e-mail from Roger Fisher's (a founding member of the band Heart) website the other day. The most beautiful double-neck (IMHO) is for sale: Rog’s Masterpiece - Vintage Doubleneck Guitar In 1972, I was living in Vancouver, BC with the world-class luthier, Ed Myronyk. After...
  10. Midnight Blues

    Tim Pierce Interviews Ray Parker Jr.

    What a GREAT interview (nice Historic too!)! Looking forward to parts II & III!
  11. Midnight Blues

    Peter Frampton Announces Farewell Tour

    I just saw this in a Guitar Player e-mail update that I get: Peter Frampton Announces Farewell Tour The legendary guitarist's final outing will feature support from Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening. Jackson Maxwell...
  12. Midnight Blues

    NGD! 2014 Wes Montgomery L5

    I've wanted one of these for years and I finally found one that I couldn't resist, so I just had to buy it! The seller is a GREAT guy and these are the pictures he took (apologies that I'm posting so many, but if it's any consolation, I'm not posting them all : He's...
  13. Midnight Blues

    Premier Guitar Discusses/Demos 2019 Gibson Lineup

    For your viewing/listening pleasure:
  14. Midnight Blues

    Peter Frampton/Steve Miller Joint Live Album

    From Billboard: Steve Miller Reveals Plans for Joint Live Album With Tourmate Peter Frampton 6/15/2018 by Gary Graff Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Steve...
  15. Midnight Blues

    All Things Jazz Guitar

    I did a search, albeit not exhaustive and I didn't find a Thread in the same vein (no doubt someone will), so I thought I'd start one on the subject. Should someone find one, a thousand pardons. I don't profess to play or understand jazz guitar, nor that I will ever be able to play it or...
  16. Midnight Blues

    Is Jazz The Last Bastion/Medium For Guitar?

    I think it might be? With all due respect for those that came after the 1970s, there haven't been, save but a handful of players, who have carried the torch in other genres. I think it's been a result of the direction of music in general? I know that blues and jazz are so intertwined...
  17. Midnight Blues

    Some Norlin Goodness

    Mr. Bobby Cochran during his tenure with Steppenwolf: Some great playin' and some equally great tone: I remember watching these shows on TV. I can't remember which one it was, but they did a version of "The Pusher" where his playing just blew me away! Wish I could find it...

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