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  1. SixAngryStrings

    suggest a bass head?

    I’d say Orange or Ampeg.. both seem pretty solid these days. And any Ampeg amps I’ve owned have sounded amazing.
  2. SixAngryStrings

    She's Got Beautiful Scars

    $200 G’s for a guitar with a broken neck?? Don’t think I could get that break unstuck outta my craw for that coin..
  3. SixAngryStrings


    Anything for Maiden:bowdown
  4. SixAngryStrings

    Hefty price for saving the world

    Well, I guess the checks did run out..:laugh2: If ya can’t defund em’, throw yer dick at em’! That’ll show those pesky coppers!
  5. SixAngryStrings

    Hefty price for saving the world

    Not that he should have to worry too much about that anymore.. he’s long gone out of Cocksville by now.
  6. SixAngryStrings

    Post a photo of the celebrity or TV personality that annoys you the most. No Politicians Please!

    Jimmy Kimmel He used to be funny on Win Ben Steins Money.. now think he’s just annoying with a punchable face.
  7. SixAngryStrings

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Yup.. this State is absolutely fucking retarded.. I don’t even know why I have a subscription to Guns and Ammo.. any new cool shit that comes out, wouldn’t be available to me..kinda got a mini boner over the new Kimber Mako .9mm coming out, and then I realize, what’s the point.. I wanna move.
  8. SixAngryStrings

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    My new .19 Gen 3.. I’m in love!
  9. SixAngryStrings

    Coping with loss (Lost Gear Content)

    My 2001 Cherryburst LP Standard.. it brought the THUNDAH!! Had sustain like a grand piano.. Heavy as f*ck, but also HEAVY AS F*CK! Thank you divorce.. I also regret selling my blue tele.. it was just gorgeous, and such a great sounding guitar, a real player.. tried to get it back, but the...
  10. SixAngryStrings

    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    Yeah.. but still, I vote for the Japanese to make our Super Bowl commercials.. because ours suck now. Their commercials could make me buy a concrete filled waterbed..
  11. SixAngryStrings

    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    I was honestly expecting it to be like a Japanese commercial for Oreo Ruffles or something:laugh2:
  12. SixAngryStrings

    Tesla model X OUCH!

    Doin it for the Gram! Seriously though, how are there sooooo many stupid people with money these days??
  13. SixAngryStrings

    Bob Dylan sued for allegedly sexually abusing 12-year-old girl in 1965

    Lay, lady, lay.. lay across some railroad tracks.
  14. SixAngryStrings

    Whole Lotta Rosie!

    Here’s a whole lotta Rosie for ya!:laugh2:
  15. SixAngryStrings

    Sounds Like?: A Turd

    Is he trying to sound British or something? How absurd..
  16. SixAngryStrings

    Kevin Smith produced a new He-Man show for Netflix

    Sounds interesting.. He-Man was my dude, when I was a little dude. Still have the complete original series on DVD box set and have yet to get through all of it.. those episodes were looooong.. top notch old school Japanese animation.. been meaning to get the OG Transformers too.. Go-Bots were...
  17. SixAngryStrings

    California about to lose it's bacon

    Absolutely retarded.. CA that is. Can’t hardly stand living here anymore.
  18. SixAngryStrings

    Mal Finally Gets Swole

    I’d force feed all of them a custom protein shake, via hot beef injection.. BANZAI!!!!!!!!

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