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  1. grayd8

    I thought this looked like an interesting class.

    YouTube has taken stalking my interests to new levels.
  2. grayd8

    NPD: Echoplex

    Just got these pedals last week, the delay is everything I wished my DD-7 could be. The preamp is quickly becoming the best pedal I didn’t know I needed, it doesn’t add a lot of gain, but it does make everything sound better. I was even able to add my script phase 90 back into the chain...
  3. grayd8

    Telecaster S1 switching

    From what Ive been reading, this seems the most stupid switching option I’ve ever seen as it only adds the pickups in series when engaged in the middle position. The other two positions are the same as when it is not engaged. Seems the logical thing would have been a oop and maybe pure bypass...
  4. grayd8

    Does such a pedal exist?

    I currently have a JCM 800 that I play on the low sensitivity channel and use a fulltone ocd for a boost, I would like to find a pedal that I could use to switch to the high sensitivity input and use the volume on the pedal to balance the volume output between the two outputs.
  5. grayd8

    SG Historic reissue questions

    Is there as big of a difference in feel from the Historic SG and a USA SG as there is from a USA Les Paul and a Historic Les Paul reissue? I just bought a USA SG standard and while its cool and didn't break the bank, I am missing the feel of my R's and am considering a SG reissue for home if...
  6. grayd8

    NAD: JCM 800 Special Edition

    So I bought a Jubilee reissue half stack a few months back on the big blowout, shortly after that my buddy egged me into buying the top cab to make it a full stack (which i thank him for). I have been having a lot of fun with that amp; but I have always wanted a JCM 800. Over the past few...
  7. grayd8

    Tranny upgrade on a DSL 40C

    Has anyone here upgraded the output transformer on a DSL 40C? I am wondering if it in addition to a choke is a worthwhile upgrade.
  8. grayd8

    Need some advice from jvm owners.

    I have had a DSL 40c for about 4 years, I've become fairly comfortable with it. One thing that annoys me about it is not having a footswitchable option from clean to crunch, or separate eq's for each channel. I have been talking with a guy selling a JVM 410h, he is willing to do a trade plus...
  9. grayd8

    SOLD: 2014 Gibson custom bucker set

    I've got a pretty pristine set of Gibson nickel covered custom buckers that I pulled out of my 2014 R8 a few months ago. Pickups read as follows at 75 degree room temperature. 7.93 Neck 8.49 Bridge $260.00 shipped to CONUS.
  10. grayd8

    Inbound NGD: Happy New Year to me!

    Figured I would take advantage of Sweetwater's no interest for 36 months and get me an elite strat, since it seems to be one of the classic electrics that I don't have hanging on my wall, and I have been gassing over them all year.
  11. grayd8

    NPD: low wind ox4's

    I've been wanting to try a set of low wind ox4's in my R8 for awhile. I was just afraid of loosing what was good with my stock custombuckers. I am glad to say Mark knocked these ones out of the park, everything that was great in the custombuckers is retained, but now I have the clarity I've come...
  12. grayd8

    PSA: Bonamassa owned and toured 58 HM up for sale

    Saw this this morning at the guitar dude With a call for price listing, so too rich for my blood. Still I thought some others may be interested, especially the collectors and Joe B fans.
  13. grayd8

    Is a JVM right for me?

    I've been reading slot on the JVM 410. My biggest question for people that have owned it, is it really right for me? I play mostly Early Zeppelin to GnR/AC/DC. Is this the right or wrong amp for me? I love the switching options, but would an earlier amp be better suited for my playing style?
  14. grayd8

    NGD: Yet another 2014 for me, this time an R8.

    I was browsing the Members classified's the other day, and saw one of sct13's ads that gave me bad gas, scrolled down and it had been sold. Dismayed I continued searching and not finding what I was looking for in my price range. Decided to check out the vendors classified section and ran across...
  15. grayd8

    NAD: Fender content

    I've been wanting another amp with decent reverb and less gain than my Marshall DSL 40c to give me that 70's classic Rock eagles type of tone for awhile. I had been bouncing between the DRRI, PRRI & BDRI for about 6 months. I finally broke down last week and ordered a DRRI, along with a full...
  16. grayd8

    PSA: Monster Top TH R9 @Daves

    Someone buy it before I do something steewpid. 2015 True Historic 1959 Les Paul Reissue - Dave's Guitar Shop
  17. grayd8

    FT: 2014 Les Paul Standard premium quilt.

    Looking to trade for a custom deluxe telecaster or American custom telecaster with a maple fretboard. Upgrades: Bone nut, fret level done by Kip Elder of Starr Guitars. Premium Jimmy Page harness from Jersey Shore guitar garage. Seymour Duncan APH-1 pickups.
  18. grayd8

    NGD: 2014 R9 #841 from MGL

    Over the last year, I have had to curb my GAS because I was buying a new house. Last Friday I closed, I had been looking the entire year at R9's from several dealers. I was was down to two as of Last Friday, both were on Marks website. After a few phone calls with Mark he steered me forwards the...
  19. grayd8

    Well so much for those price increases.

    Gibson Great Deals
  20. grayd8

    Neck issues

    I took my 2014 standard to a Luthier to get a setup. When I picked it up he said the neck was pretty bad. He said it had several dips and rises from the neck toward the body and a pretty bad down slope on the high side toward the body. Is this something that should be covered under warranty?

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