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  1. steelehead

    Post an original song you wrote!

    recorded in 1993 while i was in college at UNC with a room mate and the singer became my wife(who knew) recorded on a yamaha 4mtx....sorry abou the recording there is a slight distortion from converting from analog to digital- when i did it 20 years ago-
  2. steelehead

    Post an original song you wrote!

    my daughters first song here's one i forgot i done in 1990 on a yamaha mtx four track(my girlfriend then my wife now) sorry about the scratchiness- tape transfer
  3. steelehead

    Looking for a new DAW

    i like mixcraft 8- by acustica= also in expensive but it does a good job especially for under 100 bucks
  4. steelehead

    My new Studio

    so here's an excerpt from my first recording with my new studio-
  5. steelehead

    My new Studio

    can't tell in the dark original snakeskin print
  6. steelehead

    My new Studio

    1st try with my randall rm4 recording - unfortunately this was recorded on my phone- will bring into my daw soon- trying to get a marshall tone just a tone check-
  7. steelehead

    My first real recording with DAW

    I could not hear your recording from the daw- but I heard your liver recordings and they're good.
  8. steelehead

    My new Studio

    i still have a lot to do....repaint the wood, and some other small things but this is my new setup.
  9. steelehead

    Randall rm 20 head

    Bueller? Bueller?
  10. steelehead

    Randall rm 20 head

    any interest to the top?
  11. steelehead

    Randall rm 20 head

    i have a randall rm 20 head with foot pedal for sale. $475 plus shipping
  12. steelehead

    For sale- 80s JCM 800 // Friedman modded Randall

    does your randall come with the foot pedal and where do you live?
  13. steelehead

    EZ Drummer

    the other nice thing if you load your tracks and don't like the sound of your ezdrummer, you can use another vst drums over it......with better sounds
  14. steelehead

    messing around mygtrgentlywheeps

    i mastered one on audiomack- that's why and did it with the same name, i'll reload- it with sound cloud- thanks nonmastered version here's the mastered version-
  15. steelehead

    messing around mygtrgentlywheeps

    sm 57 haha i added a vocal tube warmer on the back of the mix, and reverb in acoustica- than mastered it down- all in acoustica 7-
  16. steelehead

    messing around mygtrgentlywheeps

    forgive my vocals- i don't sing- but lots of dead space in this so i added it- and yes to much guitar, but i think that's what this songs about- messing around non mastered version- mastered...
  17. steelehead

    Recommendations for Guitar Direct Recording

    i'm old school and i do prefer a preamp system compared to software, and you can find: line 6, behringer, ada and others used on ebay and craigslist for a good price- and then add your interface-
  18. steelehead

    USPS won't pay my insurance claim

    as a seller i had someone claim they did not recieve a vintage skateboard, but his girl signed the receipt and so he expected me to pay him, all he said he recieved was an empty box.....i payed back the buyer and made the claim as lost in transit- it happens seller received empty box- any way...
  19. steelehead

    Vintage brand Les Paul

    this guy likes 'em

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