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  1. steelehead

    My new Studio

    i still have a lot to do....repaint the wood, and some other small things but this is my new setup.
  2. steelehead

    Randall rm 20 head

    i have a randall rm 20 head with foot pedal for sale. $475 plus shipping
  3. steelehead

    messing around mygtrgentlywheeps

    forgive my vocals- i don't sing- but lots of dead space in this so i added it- and yes to much guitar, but i think that's what this songs about- messing around non mastered version- mastered...
  4. steelehead

    Recording Studio

    decided to put my studio back together with the approval of my wife, and the understanding my daughter will learn how to use win i still need to clean up in some areas and figure some other things out.
  5. steelehead

    quick recording with my daughter and her song

    she wrote this song and if you've been following social media, i added a little bit of fun to the intro for her and here's the soundcloud link of her(she's 12 so go easy)
  6. steelehead

    OTG Cable

    for those who don't know who want to fast recording- you can hook an OTG cable(10bucks) to your android device and record with a USB microphone or anything- USB- I have an alesis multimix 2.0 that can record 8 inputs and that can go into my phone. for the price and someones...
  7. steelehead

    mark iv

    i enjoy my mark iv combo, but lugging it anywhere. has not been worth it.
  8. steelehead

    Party time

    I play in a cover band and play guitar not bass, so another friend who plays in a band, bass players dad passed away. So I was asked to step in. He shows me a list of 40 songs. Tells me we'll play an hour. So here his list Red House, Blue on Black, Tell Me, Gimmie 3 Steps, Good Times...
  9. steelehead


    Had a guy hit me up for a guitar I am selling, and he wanted to make payments for 6 weeks. So I say I am willing to do that, but we need to work some stuff out. So I suggested when he starts paying that if I sell the guitar, I would refund him all his money plus an extra $20, if he missed...
  10. steelehead

    Burst Bucker Pros

    Burst Bucker Pro $175 shipped obo link-- Guitar Sale Stuff Photos by tsiliffe | Photobucket Epiphone sold
  11. steelehead

    Burst Bucker Pros

    Mods delete double post...thanks
  12. steelehead

    Jackson PC 1

    Price is $2100
  13. steelehead

    Mesa a Boogie Mini rectifier

    Looking to get $775 ( would prefer not to ship) if you want it ship let me know(amps don't always ship well in my opinion). Includes foot pedal
  14. steelehead

    2006 Les Paul

    2006 les paul selling for $1700.
  15. steelehead

    Blue mist studio

    Guitar is very good condition, it has solderless 81-85 emgs. Includes gibson case. $800 plus shipping. Paypal accepted. Willing to meet(North Carolina)
  16. steelehead

    Les paul tribute 60's

    Satin finish, rub marks and scratches. No breaks! No repairs, except for the rout for the humbucker. True player guitar. Put a Seymour Duncan jb humbucker in the bridge. Included gibson style hard case. Looking to get $575 plus shipping, and insurance. Paypal accepted. Willing to meet(North...
  17. steelehead

    Les Paul's

    I have 3 Les Paul's for sale. 60's Tribute P90 in neck pickup, and a Seymour Duncan jb humbucker, include a hard shell case...$650 2006 Blue Mist w/ emg pickups and original hard case.....$875 2006 Slight Tea slight Flame top, kluson locking tuners(include original tuners) original...
  18. steelehead

    Could this be the problem, Fender? I will say this I would never buy a custom shop fender if I had to deal with them.
  19. steelehead

    Gibson and fender

    I have a black studio satin finished....p90 in the neck (no longer white), and jb humbucker in the bridge. . Asking $650 plus shipping Fender mim sunburst strat .....maple neck. Asking $280 plus shipping There are no cases included. I will take paypal with fees or willing to meet.
  20. steelehead

    Gibson les paul slight tea

    2006 les paul slight flame and ice tea Slightly thin neck Weight 10 pounds Non-chamber There's a scratch on the guitar(3rd pic) opposite of the tone knob. Also the pictures are darker then it should, the edge is reddish is brown, not black. Looking to get $2100 shipped and...

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