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  1. w.izzy

    Aura Cristina

    Aura Cristina
  2. w.izzy

    WTB Marshall JMP-1H

    Bump please ..... A JTM1 H1 would be fine too...MK II thanks
  3. w.izzy

    WTB Marshall JMP-1H

    Hello...Just recently read about them but I am really interested in one. Have had no luck in the eBay, gbase or Reverb. My shipping address is in Miami 33166 Thank you
  4. w.izzy

    Arlington Guitar Show 2014...Anyone Going?

    Hello guys.... I'll be in Dallas tomorrow morning and I would like to ask your opinion on whether to take a cab from the airport or just rent a car ($115). How much does the parking cost there? Thanks
  5. w.izzy

    Arlington Guitar Show 2014...Anyone Going?

    Hello everybody I am already here in Dallas (Bedford). Just finished the most wonderful transaction for an old strat and I'll be heading to L.A. on Tuesday. Hope to see you there. Thanks
  6. w.izzy

    Arlington Guitar Show 2014...Anyone Going?

    Hello everybody. .. I will be arriving to Dallas at 5 AM that day and have to leave at 5:30 PM. I will try to attend from the opening time until 4. I will be carrying a guitar. Do you think that may be an issue? how do i recognise you guys?? Thank you very much
  7. w.izzy

    "Yellow Ledbetter" Pickups

    I would suggest J. M. Rolph pickups. wow besides, i wanted to express that I enjoy more this subforum (almost type subreddit) more than the strat-talk itself.. Thank you very much
  8. w.izzy

    BC Rich Mockingbird ST near Philly

    SE PA is too far away : (
  9. w.izzy

    Frank's Mini-59 Burst is in the April 2014 Guitar Player Mag

    :O were those minies ever for sale?
  10. w.izzy

    Why is this happening?

    That's a good reason...
  11. w.izzy

    Why is this happening?

    A truss rod cover with no meaningful description of having been touched by :slash: or someone more famous and has 23 bids ...what am i missing? Truss Rod Cover for Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Free USA SHIP | eBay
  12. w.izzy

    1960 es-335

    I think you just build this baby and are making us think for a while it's a 1960
  13. w.izzy

    1959 gibson es-125

    wow... how do you know there were only 40 of 1959? I have S854 21 and she is a girl magnet
  14. w.izzy

    ART SGX 2000 Express Guitar Effects Processor

    Niiice... May I ask what's the software version in it? Thanks
  15. w.izzy

    WTB: gibson CS-356 or CS-336 w/bigsby

    Bump please
  16. w.izzy

    WTB: gibson CS-356 or CS-336 w/bigsby

    Good evening Been searching a little for them in stores with no luck so I was wondering whether anyone of you guys might want to sell one of these. I'm currently checking one on eBay but I wanted to take a look in this great gathering of guitar ppl. Maybe somebody has a red one ...
  17. w.izzy

    Guitar stores in NYC, which carry Reissue Historics ?

    Me too... !!! I was about to ask a similar question in really happy with the perspective of NY in the winter, but wife did not let put my strat (neck unscrewed from body) in one of our bags..., since we can only take four bags with us from here.... My only hope is that the guy...
  18. w.izzy

    Traveling to NYC on december from a tropical country..what should I know?

    but....Is it difficult to drive in the snow???

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