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    Gibson or another Epiphone?

    Go the Gibson and check it over thoroughly before you buy it, simple
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    New Les Paul

    I think I once bought a Bass second hand
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    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    The guy who sold me my Mahogany was very "picky" about who he sold it to. He said one guy wanted to build a coffin out of it
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    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    I just found this thread and I'm ecstatic, I scored some Brazilian Mahogany a few years ago that was first bought in 1984. By the way I personally really like that Maple cap just natural!
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    Is a 70's or 80s or even a 90s les paul better than a newer r9

    In 1977 I bought a Custom and when I got it home I wasn't impressed. Nobody told me what it was supposed to sound like, I just knew I didn't like it. I sold it after ten years and another ten years later I found it again and thought it sounded just the same My next guitar was a '61 reissue SG...
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    Scale length

    Gibson use the Rule of 18 on their electric guitars, which calculates to 12.28" at the 12th fret
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    Interesting, I’ve seen a Fender neck cut down the centre in real life and in photos but not...

    Interesting, I’ve seen a Fender neck cut down the centre in real life and in photos but not Gibsons. I just do mine like Fenders and they work fine
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    Were Gibson truss rods straight before 1960?

    From what I've read it sounds like the truss rod forms a triangle with the fretboard line. I have seen plenty of pictures of Fender necks cut down the middle and maybe some Gibsons with curved truss rods but never a straight one Seeing is believing
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    Were Gibson truss rods straight before 1960?

    I've seen this thread talking about truss rods and some people saying Gibson's truss rods had no curve before 1960 I haven't found any info or pictures from Googling this so can anyone shed some light? Got any pictures...
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    Need help deciding which Les Paul to buy

    I don't know if the current guitars are the same as a few years back but I had a 2008 Studio and the neck was not as thick as a 59 Reissue. I personally prefer a thicker neck but not too thick. It took a long time for me to figure this out and I think its one of the most important factors about...
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    Are LP Juniors in the limelight lately? I've been listening to demo's on Youtube etc. and they seem to be everywhere. I like the double-cuts because they are a different shape. The single-cuts are the same shape as a regular LP but being a flat slab just don't look right to me
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    Yes well this is the allure of an instrument made in Kalamazoo, regardless of whether they are better or not, its the original place where it all started by Orville himself (correct me if I'm wrong) Its a trivial detail really but it means a lot to some people
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    You guys are complaining about $8k? try $11,479.40AUD!!
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    Seeking my first Les Paul bought in 1977

    When I saw "The Song Remains The Same" I thought Jimmy had a good choice of guitar - but it should be black! Then when I was deciding what LP to buy I considered the "Ox Blood" colour, but I stuck to "its gotta be black" Here's me in 1977, a 16yo kid with a freaking Gibson LP Custom!
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    Seeking my first Les Paul bought in 1977

    Yes I have narrowed it down to that year after finding out about "witch-hat" knobs of the earlier models. I don't think I've ever seen a Les Paul with them, didn't know they existed until reading on these forums I have had no success in finding the guitar so far. I found it in 1997 by placing...
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    FAQ: Tenons

    Yes understood Also, the photos showing Trans-tenons have a space where some people might think the long tenon only extends another half inch or so. Something else to note is the difference between the Axcess and the '59 Reissue. The lip on the Axcess is only about 3/8" deep (I'd say the tenon...
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    FAQ: Tenons

    Cheers, many thanks!I always thought the Transitional tenon necks were just old stock left-over from 1960 with the extra lip cut off By the way notice the lip in the Custom Shop models are about 7/8" long
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    FAQ: Tenons

    This is the photo I mentioned. To me it looks like Mahogany judging by the end grain, and on the RH side is darker, which means it could be a separate piece of wood (ie. a 3-piece neck) but on the LH side the cable blocks the view so its not conclusive For comparison this is my 2014 Alex...
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    FAQ: Tenons

    So (as far as you know) do some 3-piece necks have a Trans-tenon? One of the photos in an earlier post shows a Trans tenon and appears to be 3-piece but theres a cable blocking view of LH side and can't confirm it
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    FAQ: Tenons

    I just looked through the thread again and it has been covered but a bit confusing. So correct me if I'm wrong but if you have a 3-piece neck its most likely to be Maple, Short Tenon and made in Nashville.....?

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