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  1. 45WinMag

    Made a deal for a puppy. Picking him up this weekend.

    Kinda' wanted another Boston, and my wife wanted it to be a puppy. We are still in negotiations over the name.
  2. 45WinMag

    Starting to think about a new dog.

    Our current dog in the house will be leaving to join my stepdaughter (his owner) sometime in the next few months (going to miss him), and when he leaves I will want another dog. I'm waiting until he moves because I don't want to get two dogs accustomed to each other's company and then separate...
  3. 45WinMag

    Neil Peart's car collection up for auction.

    Evidently liked silver cars. I know it isn't an original color, but I want that silver Miura.
  4. 45WinMag

    OJ on dog.

    My son just knocked his drink off the dinner table, spilling an entire tall glass of orange juice on the dog. The dog then went running around the kitchen, stopping several times to shake before we could corral him with a roll of paper towels. Sticky droplets everywhere. Dog still has sticky...
  5. 45WinMag

    Sweetgum wood

    I had the tree in my front yard removed yesterday (the townhouses in my row are having this done after the roots of the tree at the end of the street got into their water pipes). I kept some of the trunk in 30" sections. Does anybody know if sweetgum is useful for guitars? All I know about...
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  7. 45WinMag

    RIP Tanya Roberts
  8. 45WinMag

    Some a-hole is cutting my Christmas lights.

    Yesterday, I found two of my icicle lights cut when I got home. I replaced the strand. Last night around midnight, I went out to walk the dog and found one more cut. Clean, straight cuts - obviously not squirrel chewing.
  9. 45WinMag

    Disney is making a new Star Wars Holiday Special

    Rose Tico takes charge of throwing Chewbacca's family the best Life Day party ever. In Lego. I'm betting this will be a dumpster fire to surpass even the original. The first one has a "so bad it's good" vibe, with a long intro sequence of wookies...
  10. 45WinMag

    Tak Matsumoto signature price question.

    Online I'm seeing the Gibson Custom Shop Tak Matsumoto signature "Tak Burst" being listed for mid-$4K and around upper-$7K. Anybody know the reason for the pricing difference?
  11. 45WinMag

    My dog has cancer.

    A couple of months ago, my Boston Terrier started having trouble jumping onto the couch, so we took him to the vet to get it checked out. Thought it was arthritis, so he went on arthritis medication. This seemed to help, except he eventually stopped using his right rear leg. Blood work didn't...
  12. 45WinMag

    Smokin' butts.

    Should be ready tomorrow afternoon.
  13. 45WinMag

    Iranian navy sinks one of its own ships.
  14. 45WinMag

    Dogs and mushrooms in the yard.

    With all the rain we've gotten lately, there are mushrooms everywhere in my dogs' usual outdoor area. I've been taking them out on a leash and watching when we go outside because I don't want a poisoning case, but I'd rather let them out on their own. I took pics of the mushroom that has...
  15. 45WinMag

    Westworld Season 3

    Anybody watching?
  16. 45WinMag

    In the market for a new laptop.

    My laptop (a 7-year-old Toshiba) crashed hard yesterday. I got the blue frown emoji screen and it started some sort of update routine, then the screen went black. After waiting a bit, I cycled the power. The opening screen ran a diagnostic, then a repair routine, then told me Windows couldn't...
  17. 45WinMag

    I hate Comcast.

    I got a message today telling me I have to "upgrade" my equipment or I will lose channels. I have several relatively new TIVOs and I'm happy with the DVR capacity and interface, so I am not interested in switching to Xfinity boxes. My home network has everything running fine, so I am also not...
  18. 45WinMag

    Smoked ribs today.

  19. 45WinMag

    IRGC-QF leader killed.
  20. 45WinMag

    Thanos burns his butthole.

    “Tried this perineum sunning that I’ve been hearing about and my suggestion is DO NOT do it as long as I did. My pucker hole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain,” Josh...

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