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    Were Gibson truss rods straight before 1960?

    I've seen this thread talking about truss rods and some people saying Gibson's truss rods had no curve before 1960 I haven't found any info or pictures from Googling this so can anyone shed some light? Got any pictures...
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    Seeking my first Les Paul bought in 1977

    (I hope its okay to post this here) My first Les Paul was an ebony Custom with serial number 250 000 If anyone in Australia thinks they have it or know where it is, I would be interested to know how its going. Apparently it was in Concept Music in Perth around 2001 and bought by one of the staff
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    A Floyd Experiment

    Here's what I did to my LP Axcess a few years ago. I've never heard a new set of strings improve the tone so much!
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    Should I cap my LP or leave it all Mahogany?

    Hi, I am making another Les Paul based mostly on my R9. The Mahogany is thicker than normal, around 54mm (2 1/8") so I'm considering leaving it without a Maple cap. I have always thought a LP is better with the Maple but I've been listening to as many demo's on Youtube as possible and I quite...
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    1990's LP Classic natural finish

    Hi, anyone remember these and know more about them? I think it was around 1994 I saw some Les Pauls in a shop which had "1960" on the pick guard, thin binding around the cutaway and had a clear natural finish. And there was an explanation about the natural finish: The Story There was a shop...
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    What happened to the ES-139?

    Does anyone know what happened to the ES-139? It came out in 2013 but it doesn't show up on Gibson Products at all, not even under "Out Of Production" I have the model before, the ES-137 and I'm wondering how much difference there is etc. etc.
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    Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Scale Length

    Hi, I'm wondering about the Songwriter Deluxe Scale Length I know the specs say its a 25 1/2" scale but does it measure 12 1/4" to the 12th fret? EDIT: I meant 12 3/4" cheers
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    Les Paul Bass

    Hi I am wondering what people think of Gibson Les Paul Bass guitars, is this the right place to ask? cheers, Doug
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    NGD '59 Collectors #17

    Someone put a spell on me about a month ago and I now have this in my possession Box says "LP '59 re-issue collectors choice #17 Keith" Every LP should have a happy ending in the neck pocket:naughty:
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    Whats best to clean guitar with?

    Just bought a new guitar so I need to clean up the old one to sell. What's best to clean off sweat marks and grime? I have this stuff called "Gumption" which is like mild cutting compound. Its intended use is for the kitchen - benchtops, stainless steel, cookware, vinyl floors etc I know...
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    The Chambering Debate

    There's a lot of talk about how Chambering affects tone and sustain these days but isn't it the same as Solid vs Semi-Accoustic? And there has always been Semi-Hollow (i.e. Howard Roberts Jazz Fusion) and Semi-Solid guitars (i.e.Malcolm Young's Gretsch Firebird) I tend to agree that a Les...

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