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  1. silverkw

    Tokai HLS 240 SF

    2012 Tokai HLS 240 SF refinished top. The HLS series has 3.7 degree neck plane angle, which makes the bridge sit nice and low like vintage guitars. Other than that, the appointments were similar to those of regular Tokai series. This is easily one of the best Tokai, or even Les Paul that I...
  2. silverkw

    Tokai HLS 240 SF top refinish

    I have decided to sell the guitar so I thought I'd post some pictures of the process that I got it finished from a flame top to a plain top, since I imagine I will get questions on that anyway once the ad was up... This was what it looked like: This was after the top refinish...
  3. silverkw

    Sheptone BK Set in double cream with Gil Yaron rings

    Sheptone BK Set in double cream with Gil Yaron rings. Gently used. The reason I am selling them as a set is because the color and material of them match up perfectly. $250 USD pp'd and shipped in Con US. $240 USD pp'd and shipped in Canada. Pictured with Fatboy guard and poker chip...
  4. silverkw

    1979 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn

    1979 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn. I am selling it along with a few other guitars for an opportunity on a vintage piece. A bit tough because i just got it a few weeks ago, and it's a great guitar. Check out my other listings in the classified. All original with the brown/pink case. $1700 USD...
  5. silverkw

    Happy NGD to me

    Haven't bought a MIJ for a while (understandable since I am still selling 2), but today is a special one. More pictures after I got home...
  6. silverkw

    Tokai Honduran mahogany TV Yellow SC special dual P90's

    I have posted this before but decided to pull it. Now I have a replica under way, and this has to go. It's really the best Junior/special style guitar I have ever had my hands on. Tokai Honduran mahogany TV Yellow SC special dual P90's. $1450 USD shipped & Paypal'd to CONUS and Canada. The...
  7. silverkw

    Bacchus Single Cut (LP Special style) dual P90 TV Yellow

    Bacchus BLP-SP Single cut (Les Paul Special) TV Yellow, dual P-90, all original, made in Japan. Nice vintage appointments, light weight at 7.4 pounds, fat neck like 50's. The TV Yellow color is darker than Gibson's and more transparent, with a slight green hue. I believe it's lacquer top...
  8. silverkw

    Tokai Honduran mahogany TV Yellow SC special dual P90's

    Tokai Honduran mahogany TV Yellow SC special dual P90's. $1450 shipped & Paypal'd to CONUS and Canada. The model number is LSS-195, now LSS-210. It's among the very top model of Tokai's that gets Honduran Mahogany. The main spec from Tokai: BODY - One piece Honduras Mahogany NECK - One...
  9. silverkw

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special reissue in TV Yellow

    Want to buy: Gibson Les Paul Special reissue in TV Yellow, double P-90, single cut, chunky neck (around 1" at 11th fret), nice weight under 8 lbs. Thanks.
  10. silverkw

    FS: Lollar P-90 set & Sheptone Tribute set

    FS: Lollar P-90 set (50's wind) & Sheptone Tribute set. Both sets are gently used. No mounting hardware unfortunately, but they should be easy to find. Funds are in USD. Lollar P90 50's wind set, at 7.2K & 7.55K, made in 2013. Wires have not been cut $185 Shipped & Paypal'd in Con US...
  11. silverkw

    Gil Yaron M69 rings

    I have a set of M69 replica rings from Gil Yaron. They are barely used, curved bottom. $75 shipped & paypal'd to Canada $80 shipped & paypal'd to Con US Here're they with Sheptone double cream pickups: Here're they by themselves:
  12. silverkw

    Where can I get this kind of strap lock buttons that came with my Tokai?

    I noticed that the strap buttons on my Tokai LSS-195 are really cool. They are very nice vintage looking, nickle finish and close to vintage shape, at the same time, they fit my straps with Schaller strap locks. I think they are really cool, and I would like to get a few more sets if...
  13. silverkw

    Really late NGD... Tokai LSS-195

    Finally dragged my lazy ass to post this really late NGD post... Tokai LSS-195, made in 2008. I got it from Yahoo Japan, through Jauce, quick and smooth transaction, fast shipping, nice packaging (selected single box re-packaging). Great 1st time experience with Jauce. But it could be also a...
  14. silverkw

    FS: 1985 Tokai LS-60 solid flame/quilt top

    1985 Tokai LS-60 solid flame/quilt top. $1230 CND paypal'd and shipped in cont' Canada & US (Canada can be a lil cheaper). It comes with a soft gigbag, but will be packaged very securely. I just decided to let this one go at my cost (import from Japan with taxes and custom, etc) today...
  15. silverkw

    What would be the MIJ equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul 57 Special?

    You know the TV yellow, 2 P-90, neck binding, black guard, wrap tail etc... I have seen Bacchus BLP-SP, any other brands and model numbers I should know about? :thumb: As for picture of bacchus, I only found a blue one without the Bigsby:
  16. silverkw

    WTB: 4 500K CTS Audio pots (short)

    WTB: 4 500K CTS Audio pots (short) for my Tokai. Don't want to spend a whole lot for the whole kit, because I won't need switch/jack/caps. Just 4 good quality pots. Prefer the custom taper ones with value over 500K. I am located in BC, Canada. Thanks! :thumb:
  17. silverkw

    Trc screw size?

    Anyone know the screw size for the truss rod cover used on historic or vintage correct size? Thanks!
  18. silverkw

    Les Paul style guitar from BYO kit

    $1450 shipped in NA, buyer pays Paypal fee. Les Paul style guitar - made from quality kit, from BYOGuitars Custom Shop, made in USA. The kit is no longer available from BYOGuitars. It comes with a good quality generic LP case with some wear and tear. Selling pretty much at cost...
  19. silverkw

    FS - Seymour Duncan Antiquity set nickel cover

    Seymour Duncan Antiquity (50's set) set in nickel cover. Leads have been cut short but plenty for a Les Paul. The covers were never off. The neck could be zebra of double cream, the bridge could be double black or zebra. $170 + actual shipping and fee. Thanks.
  20. silverkw

    1981 Tokai LS-80

    1981 Tokai LS-80. All original except: - Tuners replaced with Gotoh for better gear ratio. - Ports and caps now CTS and PIO because original pots were a bit scratchy. Knobs are now All Parts to fit CTS. Original knobs are with the original board and pots as pictured. - Bridge replaced with new...

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