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  1. diceman

    1965 Fender Vibro Champ - $600 Shipped

    1965 Fender Vibro Champ. Blackface! Missing one back panel, but otherwise clean and original. I had talented luthier and amp tech George Weisel install a 3 prong cord on this amp, and clean the pots. Price: $600 shipped CONUS. You cover paypal fees (or pay via gift). I have invoices...
  2. diceman

    1964 Gibson SG Junior - $2,000 Shipped w/ Original Case

    1964 Gibson SG Junior. All original. I bought from the 2nd owner, who had it since it was just a couple years old. Hard case (generic) and original chipboard case (just pay shipping for 2nd case if you want it). All original - plus a Tonepros intonatable bridge and studs ($125 cost) and it...
  3. diceman

    FS: 1972 Gibson SG200 (Sam Ash model) - $600

    The guitar's story is here: I'm wanting $600 net - shipping and fees (or paypal as gift) on top. If you're interested, let me know - I need to text you a couple of photos of finish...
  4. diceman

    VINTAGE Sale: 64 SG Jr., 60 Champ, 65 Vibro Champ

    I have the following items for sale, to fund a motorcycle purchase (please note - I will consider reasonable offers - but these prices are pretty close to market value I believe, and are quite firm. No trades.). 1964 Gibson SG Junior. All original. I bought from the 2nd owner, who had it...
  5. diceman

    Blues Artist Suggestions?

    As of last week, my 3 favorite blues artists are deceased. I'm looking for some great living blues artists to listen to - and perhaps be able to hear in person at some point. I've been a big Sean Costello fan since his passing (08?) - Sean's music really got me into blues. I have been a...
  6. diceman

    Who got Burks' new release?

    I got my copy of Show of Strength yesterday in the mail. Popped it in my CD player in my Jeep. Listened to it as I drove to and from work and meetings, etc. On my way home today, the last track came on, being "Feel Like Going Home," and if I said that I didn't tear up a bit, I'd be lying...
  7. diceman

    Mechanics? (Porsche question)

    So, I picked up this Porsche 944 (1988, non turbo). I have an issue, and a question. Issue: cold idle is 1400 and warm idle is 2000. Question: Is this amount of belt whine "normal" for a balance shafted Porsche motor? Porsche 944 whine and idle - YouTube You can hear the car creep from...
  8. diceman

    LP Custom looking FIERCE!

    I robbed a GFS Dream 90 out of my Epi LP for another guitar. I decided to order the cheapest pickpup I could find for the Epi... and ended up with this Mackdawg pickup for $16 plus $5 shipping. $21, looks awesome, and sounds very very good. I'm as impressed with this pup as I am with GFS...
  9. diceman

    Beautiful inlay and binding... flame top... anyone have one?

    I've had this guitar for about a decade now. It suffered from high nut slots and crappy pickups, so I am working on remedying that. Nut slots are squared away, put a Mean 90 in the neck, and need to find a decent (gold) bridge pickup for it. I don't think many of these are around. Any...
  10. diceman

    The "Post-Nuke Decompression" Thread...

    It always seems like after a "good thread" is Nuked, that it is a bit tough to unwind and post in a regular old thread. For me, anyway. Time to decompress, I suppose. What did everyone get into this weekend? Anything crazy coming up this coming week? I had a fairly normal weekend...
  11. diceman

    Easy Photoshop Help?

    I'm hoping for some simple photoshop assistance to correct a typo. The founding partner in our law firm was C. H. Loud. In 1911, a cartoon was drawn of this individual - but they misspelled his name (in the type portion) as "Lood" rather than "Loud" (take a look at the sketch, where it was...
  12. diceman

    Any idea on home addition / cost per sq. ft?

    (Note: The plans for the addition have changed significantly as a result of flood plain issues... I've added some sketch ups below as to the addition I am now looking at doing) Sooooo, I just found out that we are having child #3. Which is exciting. I also recently purchased a 3 bedroom home...
  13. diceman

    08 R8 - Finish Still Gassing Off?

    I decided to give my R8 a little time in the sun today (I'm lightening the burst a bit). Morning sun - not too hot - about an hour. When I went to get the guitar, I noticed that familiar "film" on the finish from where the (solvents/plasticisers?) were gassing off. 4 years later. How long...
  14. diceman

    Added a Hotrails to my 64/66 MusicMaster

    I don't like the switch placement or function of the DuoSonic and Mustang 2 pickup models, and really fell in love w/ the MusicMasters. I've got 2 of them. One I built from parts and refinished (body). I ended up craving some bridge pickup tone, and came across a modified vintage...
  15. diceman

    Any Professors / Adjunct Professors In The House?

    I've been thinking about approaching the local community college about being an adjunct professor. I have no teaching experience, but I think that with my Juris Doctorate and background in law enforcement that I would be a fairly knowledgeable and "fun" criminal justice system / legal system /...
  16. diceman

    2 minutes between reporting posts?

    Curious as to the restriction. I was reporting a trail of Spam, and got the message that I had to wait "120 seconds between reporting posts." Why? Again, just curious.
  17. diceman

    Remote Helicopters Play James Bond Theme

    Sweet. Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme - YouTube
  18. diceman

    Small Business Idea

    Call me crazy, but I'd like to make more money. As some of you know, I'm a relatively newly practicing attorney (1 year) who owns a small firm... my partner and I are earning about $60k/year each (gross) - which is good money (if you don't have $150k in student loans, a $170k mortgage, $150k in...
  19. diceman

    Ask Dice Anything About DJWilbanks (or his sister)

  20. diceman

    Track Santa w/ Your Kids

    NORAD Santa We've been having fun with this tonight...

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