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  1. derek1977

    NGD! The neck is not flush with binding on my new CS

    The neck is not flush with binding on my new CS. From the nut to the 3rd fret on the bass side and the treble side. The neck sticks out over the binding. Never seen this before. Has anyone ever run into this?
  2. derek1977

    63 50th anniversary ES 335 price?

    Hey guys, my local guitar store told me my 63 50th anniversary cherry ES 335 needs a new truss rod. I trust them because I know the tech. The repair is estimated at $1000.00 I might sell only because I have my eye on the new 64 ri. My question is, how much do you think I could sell the guitar...
  3. derek1977

    Truss rod with lots of thread left will not move

    My 2013 es 335 63 ri has a truss rod with lots of thread left but it will no longer tighten. My tech is telling me it's nothing I did but in order to fix, he must remove the fingerboard, costing alot of money. The guitar was bought new at Long & Mcquade but I live in Canada, where Gibson only...
  4. derek1977

    CS tele vs R8

    Hey gang, I'm looking at a fender CS Tele. My question is this. Is the switch from from fender USA to fender custom shop similar to the jump from Gibson USA to Gibson Custom Shop? To give context, I found my upgrade of a lp standard to an R8 to be going to a way higher level of feel and tone...
  5. derek1977

    Binding cracks: What causes them

    You know those tiny little stress fractures that can occur on binding all the way up the neck. What causes them and are they preventable?
  6. derek1977

    Fender 57 Tweed twin reissue

    Hey guys, my mid 2000's fender 57 ri tweed twin is giving me a headache. After about 30 min of playing, the bass drops out completely along with some volume. My first thought was a tube so I took it to a local reputable amp guy and asked for a complete re-tube and servicing, it was due. After...
  7. derek1977

    Timmy pedals price?

    Hello, I have been recently turned on to the Timmy and I have a question. Why is there a drastic price difference between the white Timmy and the blue one? I did look a bit online but can't seem to find much out, other than something about a chip. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. derek1977

    Kirk Fletchers's CC " Nicky" mods?

    Hello, I heard that Kirk modded his Collectors Choice "Nicky" that he received from Joe B. I'm curious if anybody knows what he did?
  9. derek1977

    pedal power adapter ?

    Hey guys... quick one for you; If I plug an adapter into a pedal and hit the footswitch but do not connect a 1/4 patch, does any power actually reach the pedal? The reason I'm asking is I accidentally plugged a 12v adapter into my archer but I did not connect the 1/4 patch. And the answer is...
  10. derek1977

    New patch Chords

    Hello everyone, just looking for a few suggestions. After putting it off for way too long, i've decided to purchase new patch chords for my rig. I need 1 for guitar to pedals and 1 for pedals to amp, and also replacing my pedal patch chords. I don't have any particular needs. I just want...
  11. derek1977

    Need opinions on fret board on my new 63 ES 335

    Hey guys, i posted my new 63 ES 335 VOS a few days ago. Please take a look at the fret board. There is alot of scuffing and even a few indentations. Has anyone had this issue with a new rosewood board? I was drooling so much over the rest of the guitar that I overlooked it. Keep in mind this...
  12. derek1977

    NGD 1963 ES 335 VOS 50th Anniversary

    I'm a Les Paul player at heart but I have back issues. I recently sold my 2008 LP custom as it is making my back worse. I have really missed that guitar since I sold it. But today is a new day with a new guitar and I am very happy with my decision. This is hands down the best sounding and best...
  13. derek1977

    Advice on 2011 SG VOS with Lyre vibrato tailpiece

    Hey everyone..I'm a Les Paul player looking for some Advice on buying a 2010 or 2011(not sure yet) SG VOS with Lyre vibrato tailpiece. My concern is tuning issues. Can anyone shed some light on how different it will be from a hardtail, in terms of tuning? ..Any help would be appreciated....Thanks
  14. derek1977

    Bone or graphite?

    Hey fellas, doing a little modding to my 08 Wine Red LP Custom. I'm thinking about a tone pros bridge and a new nut, and possibly graphite saddles. I'm trying to decide on a bone or graphite nut. Main reason is for string slippage. Does anyone have any opinions on either bone or graphite...
  15. derek1977

    08 LP Custom Bridge Issue

    He fellas, There was some movement of my neck (guitars first hot summer) and after I adjusted and re-intonated, I realized all except for 1 of my strings were touching the bridge after the saddle. My action is low as it is and I like where my tailpiece is. Other than top wrapping, does...
  16. derek1977

    09 LP Custom tuning issue

    Hey fellas, lately i've been noticing a tuning issue with my 08 LP Custom. It is noticeable when I play an A5 with the open A string and the 5th on the D string 2nd fret. The D string sounds flat. My tuner (boss TU2) reads that both strings are in tune and even when i play the chord, the A and...
  17. derek1977

    57' Fender twin rectifier tubes

    Hey guys, I am running my 08 custom through my 57' fender twin and a hot plate. My amp died last night. I noticed that my rectifier tubes where not lit up. The fuse is intact. Can anyone shed some light on what might be wrong? Lets assume the transformer is fine. Thanks
  18. derek1977

    Tuning issue on custom

    Hey guys, I'm having a hard time tuning my 08 custom. The G does that jump thing were it goes really sharp or really flat fast. My b is going out a bit as well. My tuners are not touchy at all. They really have alot of slack.I haven't used graphite yet but I was wondering if anyone can give me a...
  19. derek1977

    Selling LP Custom

    Hey guys, I have a 2008 Cherry Les Paul Custom and I may have to sell it for a business venture. I can't figure a way around this. I will be buying another one as soon as I can. It's a shame though because I have really bonded with this guitar. I still have my Gibson RD Custom to get me through...
  20. derek1977

    1977 Gibson RD Custom

    This is my 1977 Gibson RD Custom. I've owned it since I was 15, I am now almost 35. All original except for some Graphtech hardware but I still own the original nut and saddles. I dropped a satalite reciever on the body causing a half inch dent in the body. The tech at my local music store...

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