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    [NGD & QUESTION] 2004 Standard with lopsided tailpiece

    Hi all, I wanted to share my latest attempt to find my first LP. Pics attached. it's been great so far and I plan to put the pick guard on permanently as long as the tailpiece isn't a huge issue. The bridge is _very_ lopsided by my naive eye -- but I'm not sure if it's a big deal, a little...
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    Anyone willing to let me try their early 90s Standard near Lincoln Park, NJ?

    I'm not sure if this is allowed in this forum but I was wondering if anyone near Lincoln Park, NJ who owns an early 90s LP Standard is willing to let me try it out for a bit? I'm thinking of buying online but I'd really love to see how one from that era feels first -- and none of the B&M stores...
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    [Question/Discussion] What will the new 2019 LP Line do to the used market value of 2018 Standards?

    Hi all, Some may remember me from my recent posts about buying my first LP and all the problems I had with GC. If you do, you know that I eventually found a 2018 Standard that I liked and I purchased it (I've been loving it!). You also know, then, that my 'aspirational' LP is a 90s or early...
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    Screwless Pick Guard for 2018 Standard?

    Hi All, I did some searching and there were a bunch of posts about Bobby's screwless pick guard quite a few years ago but it seems they are no longer on the market. There was one post in 2017 from someone also looking to buy a screwless pick guard but it went unresolved. I planned to simply...
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    Does GC ship display inventory when ordering New online?

    Hey all, I just (hours ago) pulled the trigger on a new 2018 Standard from GC online. I'm not committing until I spend a few hours with her and plan to take full advantage of the 45 day return policy as needed. But I had an interesting exchange with a Craiglist seller shortly after. I...
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    Just pulled the trigger on a Blood Orange 2018 Standard!

    Feeling pretty happy and apprehensive! I've been set on a used 2018 Standard for a while now and I just realized today that a new one from GC online is _less_ than the average price for a used one on Reverb and Craigslist in my area. So, considering the 45 day no-questions asked return policy...
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    Do all Standards between '17-'19 have printed circuit board (PCB) electronics? What about '16 Standards?

    I know the '17-'19 Standards have all the push-pull pots and I know the '19 has a PCB but what about the other years? I've seriously been considering a '17 or an '18 Standard BUT I'm a fiddler and I'm sure I'll want to get into her back cavity and play around a bit eventually, if you know what...
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    Closest to Slim Taper Asymmetrical without chambering?

    Hi all, I prefer the neck shape of the modern 16-19 but I also prefer the heft of a Swiss cheese weight releived/non-chambered in a pre 2007 or trad. What models, if any, are closest to the 60s slim taper asymmetrical but only Swiss cheese weight releif? Thanks
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    2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019 Standard?

    Hi All, I think I've narrowed my search down to a 2016-2019 Standard because I've loved the ones I've played from that group and because those years are closest to the ones I have been able to play in local stores so I feel like I know what I am getting (within reason) when I order online. I'm...
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    What to do when you can't find guitars to try before buying online?

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice regarding how to pick a Les Paul. My plan was to go around to all the local shops and try as many as I can until I find one I like, then take a risk and buy the same model online. The issue I've been coming up against is I can't find the guitars I want to...

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