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  1. Arzachel

    NGD Relic content

    Palir Titan, my 1st Telecaster I wouldn't normally ever consider a relic but John Palir uses relicing as a finish rather than trying to fake age, not everyones thing I know. looks like its survived a house fire plays and sounds incredible
  2. Arzachel

    Gilmour - Pompeii

    Taken om my Mrs point and shoot so not the greatest but obviously I wanted to focus on the show. We were stood right in the middle of the Amphitheatre :D What can I say but awesome! only one gripe, no Echoes but they may of done it on the 2nd night, when the band were settling in before the...
  3. Arzachel

    Last Sabbath shows in Brum

    Any of the Brits got tickets ? I managed to get seated tickets at the last show General ticket sale starts at 9am today but spare presale are available at its Ticketmasters spare tickets marketplace apologies if I am breaking any advertising rules
  4. Arzachel

    Gilmour Live in Pompei

    Got 2 tickets happy happy :D
  5. Arzachel

    Evil Robot 214 18/30W tube config?

    Does anyone have one of these [the US version] and could you tell me the tube types and location, there seems to be a few versions mine is the switchable 18/30W one and I cant get a dfinitive answer by searching. cheers mi dears
  6. Arzachel

    Phaez amps a safety warning

    I purchased a Phaez 20W amp probably 18 months ago, after a few uses it started to trip my house RCD every time I powered it, I am overseas so didn’t want to ship the amp back and I didn’t contact Phaez about it at the time, I am an electronics tech and do occasional amp repairs on the side so I...
  7. Arzachel ?

    is it any good? I have signed up I will only use it to buy pedals and small items as I am in the UK.
  8. Arzachel

    Unplayed 79

    this is very near me, a 36 year old minter its got to be one of those rare opportunity by any means type purchases its obviously a tasty price (about $6200) dunno how much wriggle room there would be. best go give it a play hopefully its horrid :D STUNNING UNPLAYED Vintage original...
  9. Arzachel

    2012 LP Custom

    Hi all got a potential swap this for my PRS, its a 2012 Custom whats the rough value likely to be ? its in very nice shape any other info worth knowing on these appreiated
  10. Arzachel

    New Guitar Month x2

    should of posted when I got them but been playing non stop :D both are superb 2nd hand minters the FB was a straight swap for a plexi I wasn't using so no money was harmed and the SG I got off I guy that bought it on a whim and never learnt to play, its my 1st experience of either model, they...
  11. Arzachel

    JCM 800 for the uninitiated

    I play in 2 bands one is classic British rock and the other is classic American rock I am looking for a 100w head for both and was offered a JCM 800 in a PX for my mint 2061x and 2061cx cab. I know very little about them I had a 900 and hated it, the 800 seems to have lots of respect and is...
  12. Arzachel

    Orange valve/tube tester

    anyone got one? just ordered one myself it seems a very handy bit of gear, it will test power and preamp tubes for faults and performance and gives a gain value so you can match pairs it will also give an indication of gain in each side of preamp tubes so you can find good phase inverters
  13. Arzachel

    in a right solid state

    I am using a Quilter Tone Block 200 for everything from bedroom and band it sounds incredible better than my 2061x and 1959hw is this a parallel universe where transistors have more tone than valves? maybe I just don't dig Marshall's as much as I thought anyone else regularly use SS?
  14. Arzachel

    NGD 2nd time around

    so at xmas i bought this "new" and I noticed the other day that the top was splitting along the book match line near the ass end :shock: i rushed it round to the store where i bought it and they rushed it back to PRS UK who admitted it had been sold previously :shock: and then returned by...
  15. Arzachel

    Silver Machine

    outstanding ad have watched that a few times, nice to see the Lords of space rock getting an airing :slash: Live from Space Season | Launches Soon | Channel 4 - YouTube
  16. Arzachel

    Sabbath in Brum

    anyone else at the NIA this weekend for the last shows? absolute killer show Ozzys vocals were a surprise I was expecting him to have lost something but he just nailed every song, the tracks off 13 sounded way better than on the album
  17. Arzachel


    PRS Custom 24 sounds as good as it looks :dude:
  18. Arzachel

    "Does he look like a bitch?"

  19. Arzachel

    new project hawkwind style audio generator

    imagine it satin black covered with old electronic and sci fi symbols, large old dials knobs and switches a theremin antenna will protrude from the inkwell and fold into the pencil holder when not used so far it will have theremin signal generator ring mod delay ipod dock
  20. Arzachel

    Phaez Machine Head pics

    It came out pretty good :cool: Its Blackmore inspired [of course] the cab is one of Bob's [sourmash] with one of V2's superb badges I have drilled the chassis bolt holes but can someone tell me the bolt size and thread pitch I guess is UNC ?

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