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  1. Actinic

    She Takes My Money

    She takes my money When I'm in need She takes my money She's on the deed She takes my money I have no weed Newest member of the gold digger deep pocket rippin' off females is Robert de Niro's wife, Grace Hightower.
  2. Actinic

    Beyoncé ‘Not a Singer’

    According to Carlos Santana, legendary rock guitarist. To which I reply with a quip, Paul Reed Smith is not a real guitar company. Here are Carlos' words: Did poor Carlos get stiffed by Beyonce at some...
  3. Actinic

    #Naked is Normal?

    I wonder why Cooper Hefner, chief creative director of Playboy decided to do a 180. Last year, the magazine decided to stop carrying nude photos of women, in order to appeal to more advertisers. The problem was that family-oriented corporations like Disney still did not advertise in the...
  4. Actinic

    Roach Motel Really Works - NSFW

    When you're married to an ex-stripper, don't expect your house to be well-cleaned. In fact, don't even expect the dishes to be washed every other day. As a consequence, we developed a roach problem. One pesky roach and his brother avoided a dozen phermone-laced traps, by Victor. This picture...
  5. Actinic

    Private Divorce Judge

    Here is a new wrinkle on the divorce process- a private divorce judge you can hire to expedite your separation. The divorce action between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was about to get ugly, when she probably came...
  6. Actinic

    Dale Earnhard Jr gets married

    Some guys have all the luck, at least on one day in 2016. He married Amy Reimann. After a concussion that took him out for a number of races in 2016, Dale Jr. hopes to make a comeback in...
  7. Actinic

    Manned-Unmanned Warfare

    Air Force Chief Scientist Greg Zacharias has thrown down the gauntlet to our enemies. Our fighter pilots may one day be accompanied by support drones, each dedicated to a special mission. Put together these two concepts: What do you have? Terminators in the air. Air Force Fighter Jets...
  8. Actinic

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    In their effort to one-up other game studios, Ubisoft put out one of the toughest video games to play solo. Released in March 2016, Tom Clancy's The Division has futuristic style elements like Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, etc. The Division has no save features that the player can access, since all...
  9. Actinic

    Apple Employee found Dead in Infinite Loop Plaza

    I kid you not. Apple man found dead at Cupertino HQ, gun discovered nearby
  10. Actinic

    Mother's Day Gifting - The Ebay Way

    Mother's Day - Jewelry, Perfume, Fitness Gear | eBay It's that time of year again, and as usual I can't decide what to get her. The choices and her typical responses, below. Perfume: "You think I stink that much?" Kitchenaid Mixer: "You expecting me to bake you a cake? You fat slob."...
  11. Actinic

    Miles Ahead

    After way too many years, a major biopic is coming out in April about the life of Miles Davis. How Don Cheadle Became Miles Davis - The Daily Beast Don Cheadle, the actor tasked to play Miles, says the film is not a highlight reel. It aims to get at the truth and essence about the musician...
  12. Actinic

    Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

    Since 9/11, TSA has had to quadruple its force of bomb-sniffing canines. Not just any dog will do. It has to meet height, physical fitness, and even breed requirements, resulting in a set of specs as big as a thesis. War on terror taking a toll on bomb dog supply At $10,000 per dog, I'll just...
  13. Actinic

    Go - No Go

    Artificial Intelligence program Alphago has whooped a human grandmaster in the game of Go, so far, by a score of 3-0. This achievement was thought to be a decade away. Go is considered to be several orders of magnitude more complicated than chess. AlphaGo beats Lee Se-dol again to take Google...
  14. Actinic

    McAfee Offers to Crack Terrorist iPhone

    John McAfee Says He Can Crack That iPhone -- Following: How We Live Online Sounds like a loopy offer that might only make sense in a novel or TV show, like 24. This is a messy situation, with safety concerns on one side and privacy on the other. The terrorist Farook stopped using iCloud backups...
  15. Actinic

    Ebay Final Value Fee for Guitars

    Seems like it has been reduced to 3.5% in a special offer that ends on Feb. 29. Anyone else get this offer in their Inbox?
  16. Actinic

    Love- The Astrology Way

    This is a post for those who learned the hard way that Love is a dangerous and humiliating experience. Burned once, and not eager to be "raped" a second time, I think I'll give Astrology a chance. Those who have used this method to find a mate, or avoid getting married to a potentially bad mate...
  17. Actinic

    Oscars: Relevant or Passe?

    Nominees for the most coveted award in moviemaking have been announced. Best picture nominations include the usual suspects: The Revenant, The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, Room and Spotlight. Only thing surprising is that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is...
  18. Actinic

    Genuine PAFs in an R9

    One of the proverbial questions on the web is how good are the Gibson reissues compared to the guitars of the 1950's when you remove the pickup variable. Listen and decide. Start at around 22:40. The R9 is from 2001, so it is unclear whether this is...
  19. Actinic

    2015 Video Game of the Year

    Another year goes by, and the gaming industry notches a few more big hits. This year's games are a lot more enjoyable and plentiful than 2014. Of course, there were games that one could finish in 2 days, such as Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Fun, but too short for me. Halo 5 was a disappointment...
  20. Actinic

    Name the Guitarist

    Name the guitarist This site (MLP) is named after one of them. The other guys you may know by their jewelry.

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