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  1. gibsonfndr

    Advice on fretless wonder wire

    Did you ever play one "fretless wonder" . Be careful ... esay to play but difficult to ptoperly bend strings. Altho it's OK if you don't bend strings much ... :)
  2. gibsonfndr

    Are '50s Les Pauls really much more resonant than later ones?

    When practicing at home I never plug my guitars. Never. I then have quite an experience with unplugged electrics. Now the fact that this "amazing unplugged sound" translates as "the best sounding guitar" when plugged into my amp is no surprize to me.
  3. gibsonfndr

    Are '50s Les Pauls really much more resonant than later ones?

    hi guys. I'm the lucky owner of quite a few "valuable" guitars among them a 58 LP custom., I have to admit that compared to others (my 89 standard for example or a 1990 custom) the unplugged sound is amazing. Very resonnant and powerful. Does it just come from the wood ? It definitely doesn't...
  4. gibsonfndr

    1958 Les Paul BB demoed at CME

    Probably because the "middle position" sound is very "harsh", very trebly, I always thought of this sound to be "unusable" (to me at least) so maybe he doesn't want to frighten possible customers ? :shock: I recently purchased one 58 custom from a friend and had the middle pick up magnet...
  5. gibsonfndr

    A 61SG Vibrola (fold out type) - worth anything??

    my Les Paul / SG's got one and I find it useless but it brings nice tonal qualities just by being there ... see what I mean ? harmonics are enhanced ...
  6. gibsonfndr

    late 61/ early 62 SG

    Yes the pick ups are PAFs and the cover has never been unsoldered. They're "as new". I seem to remember a friend of mine checked them and measured 7,6 ohms (bridge) and 8,4 ohms (neck).
  7. gibsonfndr

    late 61/ early 62 SG

    thanks. this is aguitar I've been dreaming of for ages ...
  8. gibsonfndr

    late 61/ early 62 SG

    Hi guys. I posted some pics of this babe but probably on the wrong part of the forum so allow me to share them with you. This is one late 61 or early 62 SG I recently purchased. It's 95 % original. Only the tuners and the nut are not original. The original trem arm is useless but I generally...
  9. gibsonfndr

    Post Your SG !

    Hi guys. Long time no see. Since the last time I posed here, two additions to my series of SGs. One's a 95 special, probably not "stuff dreams are made of" but it was previously owned (and signed by) by Amy Speace, my favorite American singer of the time so i love i for that. The scond one I...
  10. gibsonfndr

    Mick Ronson appreciation thread....

    Mick Ronson remains the big influence with me. He's the reason why I dreamt of buying a Les Paul in the first place. I remember when I received my "Maya" gold top copy, pretending I was Ronno in front of my mum's dressing mirror ... LOL ... I eventually became a blues guy after I discovered...
  11. gibsonfndr

    My new Firebird X

    I know curiosity killed the cat but I really wanna know everything about this guitar ! Pleaaase ... and don't forget the pics ! :)
  12. gibsonfndr

    The Real Firebird

    OK I know i shouldn't do that and will most certainly regret it but here's the least famous Firebird player in the world, lil' old me. Sorry guys ... Lonely Avenue - YouTube
  13. gibsonfndr

    Custom vs Black Beauty

    Weren't "black beauties" also "fretless wonders" ? I doubt nowadays any Gibson comes out of the factory with these low frets ...
  14. gibsonfndr

    Other LP lovers that enjoy a Strat?

    I do. One 200? american standard. I seldom play this guitar these days cuz the other guitar player in my band plays one. Now Teles I use all the time for the "Keiff style" open G songs and slide.
  15. gibsonfndr

    Bending out of tune

    Your nut and/or saddle could also beg for lubricant ... graphite for example. I admit using .09 makes it unlikely to have a problem with the nut yet one never knows. It happened to me so ...
  16. gibsonfndr

    Gibson RD Standard RIs

    Hi. I played an artist when it first came out. We were all after "maximum sustain" at the time so I had to try one. My local guitar shop received one. I do not recall being seduced by the Moog electronics. From the back of my memory the compressor did sound a bit like the "magic finger" (or...
  17. gibsonfndr

    NGD! 335 Custom Shop

    Cool guitar, cool pics !
  18. gibsonfndr

    Which S.G model do you like

    So do I. It goes wayyyy back to the "love it to death" Alice Cooper LP Buxton was sen "wearing" a white Custom. A child'd dream. i had to have one. it took me years to be able to tell that the other sexy SG on this LP cover, Michael Bruce's, was a special. Almost equally desirable. Almost. The...
  19. gibsonfndr

    Anyone have non reverse Firebirds?

    I really like this guitar. At first I thought the neck would be a bit too "beefy" for me but eventually it is highly playable. The guitar is a bit neck-heavy but not to the point that it'd bother me. Maybe that's the reason why I felt like I had to put some strap locks on which I did not do on...
  20. gibsonfndr

    Firebird love?

    cool one ! which pick ups are on ? the same as Warren haynes' ? on the other hand I love the mini PUPs on my non reverse VII ... they add a "twang" of some sort.

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