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    Far out, and Funky too. Lee
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    How can I watch FX online?

    I have my laptop hooked up to my TV with HDMI cable, and wanted to kick back and watch American Horror Show, the last season of Justified, and would like to watch Fargo. Since I don't have that station on cable, my provider will not let me go to the FX website and see any of these. Does...
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    Strings on acoustic-electric

    Hey all, I have some extra D'Addario strings I need to use up. Light gauge nickel XL. .010-.045. Round Wound. Do you think I could use them on an acoustic-electric and be OK? I think they are most suited for an electric guitar, but wondered about using them on the acoustic-electric...
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    Hey Axe.

    I know you might not have power, but wanted to check and see if you and your property were OK after the storm came through. If you can, let us know. Lee
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    Is there a good, free way to get a credit report?

    As the title says, is there a way to get a credit report on myself without any BS...for free? Seems like the places I have looked either want a credit card number, or a fee, or some such crap. Should I just call my bank? Or will I take a hit by them asking? Thanks in advance. And...
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    Grooves and Lands

    I see these shows all the time, both documentary, and fiction where someone matches up a gun to the bullet by comparing the Grooves and Lands. How the hell does that work? I would think that guns that are mass produced by machines would be consistent as far as the Grooves and Lands go...
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    Commercial talk..."Grilled Kentucky Fried Chicken".

    What's up with the the woman that likes Lewis in the grilled KFC commercial? When she says how hot Lewis is, and "Why can't you grill chicken like Lewis"...I would have to say "Why can't you fvck like LaWanda...or give a blow job like LaTisha?". Fvck her... That commercial
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    Commercial talk..."Toyota Tundra."

    What is the deal with the Toyota Tundra pulling the space shuttle? They hook up the Tundra to the shuttle in the middle of a highway. What got the shuttle to that point? Did they use fourteen Tundras to get it from the back of the 747 to that point? Why were they hooking it up there? And...
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    Commercial talk..."Ibby dibby."

    I would like to talk about stupid commercials and hear if your opinions are the same or different...And either show me what I'm missing, or agree that a particular commercial is stupid as hell. Since I can't create a sub-forum, I think it would be better if you guys had a commercial you...
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    Putting a pet down.

    Man...did that suck. This morning we (my wife, since it was her pet) had to put her dog down, after fourteen years. The part that sucked the most was watching my wife grieve, without being able to do a damn thing about it. She is a wonderful woman. I felt a bit shitty when she asked my...
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    Cemeteries...what's the deal?

    The recycling thread made me think of a question I have wondered about... What is the deal with cemeteries? There are 7 billion people on the planet now that will die...and who knows how many people have died on the planet already. Just think of all the land space that will take up. At...
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    Does anyone here own or run a convenience store?

    There is a busy as hell convenience store/gas station around here that I am thinking about buying... Is anyone here willing to talk about the business end of it? PM or here, It doesn't matter. Lee
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    Hey River...

    I know I have given you some crap, but I would like to talk for a minute, if that's OK. I hope you didn't tell your wife about me hating the "Jenny" hairdo. I would never intentionally insult a woman for their hairstyle. I was just trying to state that I didn't like it without hurting...
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    Do ya'll think time travel is possible?

    Would, could time travel ever be possible? This was inspired by bscene’s thread about someone from the 50’s Could we ever time travel? If we could, what would happen? Would that be the start of parallel universes? Could actual memories be erased? Could people who have existed, cease to...
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    To the pilots here, or the thinkers...Neo?

    Why do aerodynamics drawings always show the passing of air over a wing. rather than show it like it is? The way I see it is the wing is going through the air, rather than the air going over the wing...Which means to me the air on top of the wing that provides the lift...Is simply moving...
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    My Buck Baker experience.

    Just thought I would let you know who I am. For those who may be interested……….. This past Saturday was a great day. For me, Saturdays are usually spent doing nothing but catching up on any leftovers at work, mowing the yard (about six acres), doing some weed eating, and working around our...
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    I'm warped...but this is great!

    Sorry, I don't know how to embed. AFV Mom throws toy - YouTube Lee
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    Hey Neo, or other Phoenicians...

    Did you witness the "Phoenix Lights"? Not the flares, but the triangular object, and do you have any opinions on it? Lee
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    PayPal advice for international sale please.

    I am in the US, and a guy in the UK wants to buy my guitar using PayPal. I am not a dealer...just a guy selling a guitar. I have heard horror stories about PayPal and how they hold your money for an indeterminate length of time. reading their looks like the fees on a...
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    DG 335 Ebony (Lowered Price)

    I have lowered the price on my DG 335 in Ebony to $6000.00. I could not edit my original post. If interested contact me here or email at [email protected] Thanks, Lee

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