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  1. crossroadsnyc

    Welcome To The Real World!

    Spoiled College Grad Demands New Dress Code at Job, Gets the Boot College kids have a pretty easy time getting their way on campus. Just make enough of a stink and the universities cave. Unfortunately, these students eventually reach a little place called the real world, where things...
  2. crossroadsnyc

    Hercules Guitar Stand Mishap

    So, I had a terrifying experience earlier this evening while I was doing some cleaning up. I had a guitar hanging on a Hercules guitar stand (the one w/the auto grip), and when I went to move the stand w/the guitar on it, the entire mechanism on the back that adjusts the height / locks...
  3. crossroadsnyc

    RIP Prince

    Prince … dead at 57.
  4. crossroadsnyc

    Guns N' Roses Featuring Angus Young!
  5. crossroadsnyc

    Beano's Sister!

    Well, my journey in finding the perfect Stratocaster has ultimately lead me to exactly where it was meant to be. This is a Custom Shop Eric Clapton Stratocaster finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. I'm thrilled to have found this, as it's not only the best playing / sounding EC I've owned, it's...
  6. crossroadsnyc

    RIP 48th Street

    NYC’s famous Music Row is about to be a ghost town | New York Post
  7. crossroadsnyc

    Stand Up With Jake

    A Brave Kid Stands Up To Bullies - The BULLY Project - YouTube
  8. crossroadsnyc


    Bob Dylan
  9. crossroadsnyc

    My Orange Amp ...

    I took some 'artsy' shots of my Orange Crush 10 over the weekend ... Not a particularly good sounding amp (sounds kinda bad, actually), but they sure do look cool!
  10. crossroadsnyc

    Hello from NYC!

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, so I wanted to take a moment and say hello. I've been visiting the forum for a little while now, and while it's hard to direct this to anyone specifically, I should probably thank you all collectively for the tremendous amount I've learned over that time. Also, I have...

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