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  1. ghost driver

    Rossingtons anybody?

  2. ghost driver

    Replacement saddles for a MIM Strat

    I picked up a MIM Strat with a 7 1/2 radius board. I'm looking for suggestions to replace the saddles. Also will USA saddles work? Thanks.
  3. ghost driver

    MIM neck fit MIA body?

    I have a MIM Strat that has a nice neck but I don't care for the weight of the body. It's a little light so I thought I might pick up a different (heavier) body for it. I has a crack at the neck joint as well so that's another reason for the change. Just wondering if I have to stick with MIM or...
  4. ghost driver

    What pots in my 07 R8 & R6

    I'm sure this has been asked before but what volume pots came stock in my 2007 R8 and 2008 R6? 500K, 300K, audio taper? Thanks for any help.
  5. ghost driver

    SG with a side jack?

    I have a question for the SG experts here. My friend has one with the jack on the side where its located on a Les Paul. Every SG I can remember seeing has the cord jack on the top next to the tone pots. I'm thinking his is a copy but it has a few things that make me not sure. One thing is a...
  6. ghost driver

    Epiphone Custom Shop?

    Guys I have a friend who bought an Epiphone last week that has a decal on the headstock that says it's from the "custom shop". Where is this Epiphone custom shop? Is it the same one that the Gibsons come out of? Thanks for any help.
  7. ghost driver

    Evans pickups?

    My buddy just picked up a custom made Tele (can't remember the builder). Anyway it has Evans pickups in it and I've never heard of them. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  8. ghost driver

    what are you using for delay?

    I'm about done with my Boss DD 3. I know its a great delay pedal but it may not be for me. I'm looking for something simple. I mostly play 60's and 70's rock as well as blues. Maybe my DD 3 itself has a problem. It just seems to be like a run away train. I get this giant airy effect that I...
  9. ghost driver

    What string gauge for Gretsch 5120?

    I could use some string advice for my 5120. I've tried a few makes and gauges but just can't settle on one. Thanks.
  10. ghost driver

    headphones for guitar amp?

    I'm wondering if there any that are specifically made for guitar amps. I don't use them much but when I do I'd like to have the best sound I can. If you guys could list some that you are happy with it would be great. I'm not looking to spend a ton here because I don't use them much.
  11. ghost driver

    Nothing like EL 34's

    These four make my DSL come alive.
  12. ghost driver

    My R9 is checking

    This should answer the questions about the new Historics being able to check on their own. This 2003 R9 sits in its case right next to four other Historics that have not checked. I did nothing to make this happen like freezer type stuff. They are in normal temps in my house. Not sure I like it...
  13. ghost driver

    Stop Tail Oxidation

    I'm sure most of you guys have seen this but it's a first for me. While restringing my R6 I noticed some green oxidation around the string holes. I'm just passing this along because it can't be good for the life of the strings. I just scraped it out.
  14. ghost driver

    Swapping neck on Strummer Tele.

    I would like to try a different neck on my Joe Strummer Tele. They are MIM guitars so do I have to stick with MIM necks or do the American necks fit? I don't know much about Fenders so I'm hoping someone out there has tried this before. Thanks.
  15. ghost driver

    What pups in 68 ES335

    Need some help with Humbuckers that should be in a 1968 ES335. I am thinking of buying it but I think the pickups may have been changed. Looking through the f hole it looks like they have the braided shielded wires like the Historics I have. Does that help? Thanks.
  16. ghost driver

    MM in Jersey

    I'm away right now so a NGD with pics will have to wait til Monday/Tuesday. Just wanted to get it out there because I'm so amp'ed up to have it.
  17. ghost driver

    Question about Gibson P90's

    Are the P90's in the Historics the same as the ones in the non Custom shop Les Pauls? If not how many do they make?
  18. ghost driver

    Max wattage for a cabinet?

    I'm wondering if there is a rule to tell how much watts a cabinet can handle? I'm just a play at home guy so not to much of my playing is at high volumes. I'm sure volume plays a part in it. Thanks.
  19. ghost driver

    New take on Braz board

    First let me say that I don't play my Brazilian board R9 much. I bought it for an investment (economy not letting that happen) so it spends weeks and weeks in it's case. I also never really bought into the fact that there is a difference in Guitars with them and without them. After playing in my...
  20. ghost driver

    Marshall JCM 900

    I'm thinking of buying a JCM 900 Dual Rev. 100w (or clone of one). I could really use some opinions on them as I've only played one for about half an hour lastweek. I liked what I hurd but want to make sure that I shouldn't look into something on the same line like a JCM 800 etc. before I jump...

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