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  1. Rockhard

    2009 Tokai LS370 . NGD .

    Just in .
  2. Rockhard

    NGD . 1989 Standard

    Picked this up all in original condition with original rare fleece lined case . I like it a lot .
  3. Rockhard

    My Hand made Les Paul Goldtop 50s Replica

    Mine since 2012 . This was made by one of the usual supsects . A replica cloned side by side from an original . Old Honduran Mahogany , Brazilian , plastics and inlays . it's real nice . OX4 pickups .
  4. Rockhard

    Tokai Love Rock LS150F HDC 2015

    Had this a few months . It's a great guitar , beautifully made without foibles , plays and sounds great . That said I am not totally convinced perhaps because I am mental . Wasn't too sure about the tone so swapped for Gotoh steel bridge , now back to original with brass saddles . Still not sure...
  5. Rockhard

    2002 R8 Ice Tea . Flames

    Thought I'd share it here first . I've owned this since 2003 . I've moved a few other LP's since but I think I will keep this one .
  6. Rockhard

    NGD 2011 Stinger R8 .

    Hi all . Been registered a while but first time post I think . I've just acquired this Felder or BB , guess I'll find out soon . Very nice though . Some other LPs I'll post soon . Cheers .

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