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  1. gibsonfndr

    late 61/ early 62 SG

    Hi guys. I posted some pics of this babe but probably on the wrong part of the forum so allow me to share them with you. This is one late 61 or early 62 SG I recently purchased. It's 95 % original. Only the tuners and the nut are not original. The original trem arm is useless but I generally...
  2. gibsonfndr

    Johnny Winter's firebird question.

    Hi guys. I's just watching a J Winter video when I noticed he was playing a red firebird but with what seems to be a regular Les Paul / SG type headstock. Does someone have informations about this weird looking axe ?
  3. gibsonfndr

    Jeff Beck's current LP ?

    Hi guys. Jeff Beck has a new DVD out, and he can be seen playing a beautiful Les Paul. Do we know what this guitar is ? A vintage one or a reissue ? Of course he's got a great tone ...
  4. gibsonfndr

    SG history ... 1960 ?

    Hi guys. This guy on ebay sells one "1960 SG custom" ... well I thought they were first introduced in 1961, am I wrong ? 1960 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom electric guitar white en vente sur (fin le 12-avr.-11 19:55:52 Paris)
  5. gibsonfndr

    a newbie ... with a question.

    Hi guys. My first post on this forum but it's a long time I read the posts every now and then ... I am a big Gibson addict, own five of them among them three Les Pauls. One 89 standard and two juniors (1990 and CS 58 reissue). My other Gibsons being one non reverse firebird VII and one 1971 SG...

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