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  1. Phillycheez402

    Replacing pickups, please assist

    So, new to soldering, but I can pretty much figure anything out. Trying to simply swap picks ups in a standard with modern wiring. Why am I having so much difficulty getting the existing pickups out? Any tips? Thanks
  2. Phillycheez402

    Can somebody help me identify this wiring pattern?

    Okay so I'm going to swap out these BB pickups for SD APH-2s, pretty new to this but I'll figure it out. I'm assuming, based on diagrams and the look of the new pickups this would be standard wiring single conductor? What I'm showing is stock currently
  3. Phillycheez402

    Dropping slash duncans into a trad pro?

    Personally love the pick ups. But my question is, is the wiring any different than say a standard? Not interested in the push/pull split coil bullshit.
  4. Phillycheez402

    Feeling a little plain today

    Love the look of this one when not in direct sunlight! That's all haha
  5. Phillycheez402

    Quick question about pickup swap

    I would like to swap the PUPS in my 50s standard with some slash pickups. Will they drop in or do I need to rewire more than just simply hooking them up?
  6. Phillycheez402

    Thinking of sanding the neck finish down to achieve a more non glossy feel.

    Thoughts? Done some research and ot doesnt seem see top difficult either
  7. Phillycheez402

    I want to get into soldering

    What all do I need to purchase so I can learn to swap out pick ups and do modifications? Thanks
  8. Phillycheez402

    Question about refinishing

    What up. A, how much would having a refinish done on an LP cost me, B, who would be a reputable source, maybe even someone from here? I have a standard I absolutely love, and dont dislike the current finish but would be open to considering it. The guitar just have phenomenal playability for...
  9. Phillycheez402

    Are all Burstbuckers 1 and 2 zebras?

    Thinking about taking my covers off. Just curious
  10. Phillycheez402

    Looking to try some new strings

    I've pretty much always had green Slinkys as my go to. What are some thoughts on a few different varieties of brands that I could tamper with. Speaking for my standard with BB1 and 2 pops. I know this has prolly been beat to death but I just worked 13 hours in the rain in 40 degree weather and...
  11. Phillycheez402


    Pretty happy with this one. Brand new LP 50s Standard
  12. Phillycheez402

    Please tell me somone else can see this lmfao

    Blows my mind
  13. Phillycheez402

    Hipshot tuner buttons

    Not bad. On a set of Grovers
  14. Phillycheez402

    Question regarding plastics

    Are the stock cream colored plastics different color variation than other gibson cream ones? In my case in particular my pickguard doesnt quit match the pick up rings and switch washer, I'm looking for a more "creamish" pick guard, if that makes sense lol
  15. Phillycheez402

    Hipshot kluson vintage style tuner buttons installed!

    Replaced my Grover buttons with these hipshot ones. They look better than I expected. Thoughts?
  16. Phillycheez402

    Pot size for replacing knobs

    I want to replace the knobs on my LP, can someone remind me or does someone know what size knobs for a 2019 Trad Pro V?
  17. Phillycheez402

    Plain top, no pick guard

    What up ya'll For no reason at all whatsoever we should fire up another plain top thread just for the visuals I'll start
  18. Phillycheez402

    Changing tuner heads

    I so much want to switch to vintage tulips, are there buttons I can replace on my grovers. I do not want to drill into another guitar
  19. Phillycheez402

    Okay, i need to this thing some justice. HNGD

    Got it a few days ago, was kinda stripped down, asked for input on the model and you folks came thru, so here. It probably needs some love
  20. Phillycheez402

    Help with IDing this Les Paul?

    Bought used, Can anyone using the the serial number give me assistance with identifying it, I seem to be getting mixed results searching online myself. Thanks in advance, it plays great regardless.

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