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  1. The Thruth

    WTB: Travis Bean guitar!

    offer me! Europe is priority but rest of the world is fine too :)
  2. The Thruth

    Drybell V2 Vibe Machine

    hey guys, i just received my V2 from Drybell guitar effects, and i must say i am amazed how great it is!!! it is perfect :) do any of you have V2 already? here is what this monster do
  3. The Thruth

    MIKAGI guitars - Bodra

    Hey guys, i want to introduce you my fellow luthier, also from Croatia. young talented luthier who have his own design and i am totaly impressed with his work so i had to show this on this les paul forum :) i bet many here will like this guitars :) first pro shots:
  4. The Thruth

    FS: Sheptone Tribute PAFs (aged)

    selling, totaly new but aged, previously installed, sheptone tributes pickup set. no box, but with mounting screws and springs. price is 150$ shipping included worldwide free. from my personal collection of paf pickups. i had over 30 set of various pafs and i am selling some to raise cash for...
  5. The Thruth

    to LUTHIERs: Wizz M69 Rings (v.1)

    selling this first version wizz pickups rings in bulk, good for luthiers and projects to have cool C.A.B. desirable rings. since we have new mould we dont use old version anymore. and we have in stock over the 200 sets of this rings. already curved to match les paul arched top. with all correct...
  6. The Thruth

    FS: Bareknuckle Mules (aged)

    selling, totaly new but aged, never installed, never tried bareknuckle mules pickup set. with all additional stuff in box, also new strings with set too and pick. price 280$ shipping included worldwide free. from my personal collection of paf pickups. i had over 30 set of various pafs and i am...
  7. The Thruth

    WTB: Gibson 1950's archtop guitar

    lookin for gibson 50s L5, L7 even L4, super400, ES5, es330 etc and early 50s les paul is also wanted. orignal case is must, prefer europe seller but rest of the world is also acceptable talk to me! grindedgrin (at)
  8. The Thruth

    Wizz Pickups Black Friday SALE

    grab them today! wizz-pickups
  9. The Thruth

    Wizz Pickups Black Friday SALE

    grab them today! wizz-pickups
  10. The Thruth

    NEW: Wizz Premium Clone M69 CAB Rings V2

    NEW: Wizz Premium Clone M69 CAB Rings Cellulose acetate butyrate pickup M69 rings. Perfect match with our C.A.B. pickup bobbins. Aged or new. Lightly aged as deafult order. Every single detail is replicated. Please see comparing pictures with vintage black M69 rings. All the letters and...
  11. The Thruth

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul 1952 or 1953 or 1954

    any gold top sellers here? offer me! i prefer mint, with original case :) here is email too: grindedgrin @
  12. The Thruth

    FS: Tom Holmes H450 & H455 Pickup Set (new)

    For sale from my personal collection, need some money ASAP to buy nice 50's archtop guitar that is waiting me in UK. this set is awsome, i have 2 identical sets, and this one is never installed, original paper towels included, never soldered to a guitar. this pickups are one of the greatest i...
  13. The Thruth

    FS: Throbak DT-102 PAF Set (aged)

    Selling this set from my personal collection of pickups, this set i just like i got it from fellow from MLP, got it in trade, nice pickups. Find more on their official website. Selling because i am buyin an archtop gibson from 50's and need some extra cash :) price on web is 539$ + shipping...
  14. The Thruth

    WTB: gibson es330 (vintage 50s or 1960-61)

    looking for one at reasonable price. please send me pm or email [email protected]
  15. The Thruth

    Wizz pickups showroom videos

    let's start with this 3 videos we did yesterday
  16. The Thruth

    need help on wiring (coil cplit)

    guys please help, i need wiring for humbuckers (duncan wire colors), no push pull pots, all 4 are normal pots 2 humbuckers (4 wire+ground), 2 volume, 2 tone, 3 way switch + 1 on-on switch (1=full hum, 2=coil split (screws side of humbucker working) can anyone please tell me how to wire this?
  17. The Thruth

    how do ya like this one?

    i recently finished this one, how do you like it guys? not my best photography, but it is the easiest (with phone) cheers :thumb:
  18. The Thruth

    WTB: Alembic Tribute Guitar

    Anyone have one for sale? Interested in buying, please pm me or email me [email protected]
  19. The Thruth

    Need help: drawing M69 rings

    what would you add or change on this drawings? this are drawings we made from real 1959 black rings from my ES175, so i need some details you can give me that you guys who like vintage correct repro parts like to see when you buy stuff like this. we all know Bartlett rings...
  20. The Thruth

    Wizz PAF pickups now have new Covers

    all sets ordered (with covers) from January 1st 2015 will have this new covers, here is comparing picture with real 1959's PAF pickup wizz-pickups

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