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  1. brinjen

    Help me make lemonade from this Epi SG G-400

    That's awful!:( I love the colour... been thinking of getting a Les Paul kit and wondering what finish to use myself, never considered an opaque blue. :hmm:
  2. brinjen

    Post Guitars You Built

    Walkingmanblues... Nice
  3. brinjen

    Which Top?

    I like the second one best. Draws your attention to the centre, should look great with the pups, bridge and neck installed... maybe some splating on the headstock? :hmm:
  4. brinjen

    Post Guitars You Built

    Not exactly a build... I only worked on the headstock and the finish with this one but I'm still proud of her. :dude: The pickups are Seymour Duncans. Hot for the neck and custom for the bridge. Named her '90 Proof Kandy'. :naughty:
  5. brinjen

    The Ebay "Fraudulant" Listing Thread!

    Not at all an expert on LP's but even I could easily spot what was wrong with this one in under a minute... Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior | eBay
  6. brinjen

    Guitar Builders & Supplies Links Exchange

    Another site I've only found recently... for anyone looking for an LP Jr kit in particular... Precision Les Paul Guitar Kits
  7. brinjen

    Guitar Builders & Supplies Links Exchange

    Another Aussie Supplier... mostly for Fenders Ace Guitar Parts Home Page
  8. brinjen

    Where to buy a Gibson online (Aka why nobody shipps international)

    Realise this is a bit of an old thread I'm rehashing but thought I'd drop in my 0.02 cents anyway. :) As a buyer I can understand how freight charges can take you by surprise... however... I also work in retail in the despatch area of a hardware store... I plan our delivery truck and deal...
  9. brinjen

    Tips for buying things on Web Auctions (no names!)

    I agree with the photos argument... though I can understand sellers who blurr out part of the serial number to discourage fake ebayers from using the photos... but should be able to email the complete photos if asked. I've had good experiences with Ebay overall... most recent purchase was a...
  10. brinjen

    building tele ...

    Very nice. :hmm: Ditto about the truss rod though... I hope it all stays well for you. Gotta admit I was never a fan of Tele's until I played my first one. Now they are my favourite. :dude:
  11. brinjen

    High School Project - Spencer's '59 Les Paul Build

    Just getting back to this comment.. I've often dreamed of a Les Paul Jnr with a maple neck and fingerboard. Not at all vintage correct but I still think it would look (and sound) pretty cool.
  12. brinjen

    High School Project - Spencer's '59 Les Paul Build

    Great work! :wow: Can't wait to see the rest.
  13. brinjen

    Time to make a les paul jnr 3D model tutorial

    Very informative. Am seriously comtemplating attempting to assemble my own Les Paul Jnr. Have already put a Strat and 2 Tele's together... time to try something different. Any further progress?

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