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  1. Kevin James

    Could use some positive thoughts.... second interview

    I hate to ask for this type of thing, but I could really use some positive thoughts right now for those so inclined. I'm in the interview process for a new position in my company and I've made the second round. This position has the potential to make a huge difference in my career and from what...
  2. Kevin James

    Any Excel experts?

    WARNING: mind numbingly boring content ahead. As the title suggests I'm wondering if by any chance there are any Excel experts here in the backstage. I'm working on a spreadsheet that I want to add a specific functionality to and can't for the life of me figure out how to do what I want...
  3. Kevin James

    Removing overspray from a vintage Gibson?

    Just wondering, how difficult is it for a luthier to remove overspray from a 60's nitro finish?
  4. Kevin James

    Prayer request

    I'm not the type to ask for much, but for anyone that is so inclined my family and I could really use some prayers right now. My 84 year old dad is in the intensive care unit in the hospital fighting for his life. He's been battling cancer (lymphoma) for a couple years. After another round...
  5. Kevin James

    Jazz guitar recomendations?

    Kind of been wanting a guitar for jazz lately. Just looking for something to play around with so not looking to spend too much, maybe a $400 - $700 budget. I'm looking for something full hollow with humbuckers and maybe even a Bigsby. Just not sure what to get. I was thinking an Epiphone or...
  6. Kevin James

    Need help identifying this M.I.K. Epiphone Hollow Body

    So I bought this guitar used sometime in the early to mid 90's but I can't seem to find any info on it. The orange label inside says model "Emperor AS" and Serial Number R94P2401 It looks like an Emperor Regent but I can't seem to find any info on when it was made or what it's worth. Tried...
  7. Kevin James

    Lopo Line cabs any good?

    Does anyone here have a cab from Lopo Line? I'm just wondering about the build quality. They say they are 3/4" baltic birch construction and the price seems good. I'm ready to pull the trigger but I wanted to see if anyone here had any experience with them.
  8. Kevin James

    Speaker cabs... what should I get?

    I am absolutely loving my Phaez Duophonic and have decided the Marshall Class 5 extension cab I have it running to now is not doing it justice so I'm going to have a couple 1x12 cabs built. I have decided for sure I'd rather have 2 1x12's that 1 2x12 because it will be more Versaille for me that...
  9. Kevin James

    My 77 Les Paul Standard

    I don't venture in to this section much but I know there is a lot of love for the Norlin era Les Pauls here so I thought it would be a good idea to let my Norlin loving friends here know I have listed my 77 Standard for sale. Super clean 9 -9.5 out of 10 condition and 100% original :naughty...
  10. Kevin James

    Record over backing tracks?

    I don't think I've even ventured into this section before and I am a total noob when it comes to recording so I am hoping to get some help. I did a simple search but didn't find an answer to my question. Is there a simple inexpensive way to record guitar (through my amp) over backing tracks...
  11. Kevin James

    For Sale: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Another guitar I have decided to let go. There isn't much to say about this 1977 Les Paul Standard other than it is 100% original with zero issues whatsoever in what I would call 9 out of 10 condition. It has a 3 piece top with some mild figuring on the center piece which is cool. In the mid...
  12. Kevin James

    NVGD! 1964 Gibson SG Standard

    Thanks to the wonderful Gil Southworth, I am now the happy owner of this beautiful 1964 SG Standard apptly named "The Magic Marker". I will call her Maggie for short. OK, if you want to get super technical it's actually a very early 65 in serial number only but with 100% 64 Specs (and 64 dated...
  13. Kevin James

    Selling my 1965 SG Standard

    Just a heads up to all my vintage SG friends who may be interested, I have listed my 65 Standard for sale in the classifieds section. Only selling it because I have something in the works.
  14. Kevin James

    1965 Gibson SG Standard

    I have decided to let this guitar go. Not interested in Trades, this is a cash sale only. It’s a 1965 Gibson SG Standard. This guitar has a great combination of early 60’s features and late 60’s features only available together from late 1965 to early 1966 which is very cool. The guitar plays...
  15. Kevin James

    Grover tuners, vintage vs. new?

    I'm not really sure where to put this and this section seems like the best fit so here goes. I'm looking for oppinions on the quality and what is the better choice between a new set of aged nickel Grovers or a vinatge 60's/70's set. This is for a guitar that was Grovered long ago and...
  16. Kevin James

    Chipped headstock veneer: Could this be fixed?

    How easy would this be to fix? The top of the headstock veneer chipped away and the owner (not me) used a black marker to fill in black so the light holly doesn't show. Just wondering if this could be repaired without a full refin to the face of the headstock and how difficult/expensive it...
  17. Kevin James

    need recomendations for a good video camera

    As the title suggests, I'd like some recommendations for a good video camera to shoot some videos. Mostly guitar related. I'd like something that has an internal mic but also the ability to connnect an external mic. the ability to connect a mixer with 2 mics would be even better but isn't...
  18. Kevin James

    Question for those with legal experience, may need to take someone to court

    OK, sorry in advance for the long post. Just looking to find out if an email thread would hold up in court as a binding agreement. I have a deal that has gone bad and its looking like the only way to resolve it is to take the other party to court. I have an email chain that lays out all of...
  19. Kevin James

    Stupid marshall Class 5 combo question

    Looking for some help with a question on the Class 5 combo, preferably from a tech (paging Mr. Caldwell). I recently moved from a house into an apartment and now have much greater limitations on volume so I'm looking at options to tame the volume on my Class 5 combo. I have an old Marshall...
  20. Kevin James

    Outdoor electric grill recomendations?

    Can anyone recomend me a good outdoor electric grill? My apartment complex does not allow gas or charcoal grills so I'm pretty limited but I NEED something to grill on. Mostly steaks and burgers etc. I was looking at this one: Shop Char-Broil 1750-Watt Red Electric Grill at and...

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